Tomorrow with you ep 1

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Should YOU Watch Tomorrow With You? - Ep.1 Review/First Impression

tomorrow with you ep 1

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The story revolves around Yoo So-joon Lee Je-hoon , a CEO of a real estate company, who has the ability to travel through time via a subway; and his wife, Song Ma-rin Shin Min-a , who works as an amateur photographer. So-joon foresees his future-self die so he decides to marry Ma-rin in order to avoid that fate. As time passes, he learns to love her selflessly. The first script-reading was held on August 29, in Sangam-dong , Seoul , South Korea and filming began on September 5, In this table, The blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Who knew that traveling through time could be as convenient as hopping on a subway? Tensions run high in the arena, but Lim pulls out of the match, victorious. A man revels from his living room, and the subjective point of view allows us to see his surroundings through his eyes. He muses that another year is coming to a close, and he buys a birthday gift before heading down to the subway. Once the camera angle shifts, we can see his face—this is YOO SO-JOON Lee Je-hoon , who remains calm as the lights above flicker and his fellow passengers disappear… and the subway car hurtles back to the present: June

Present day…. Loving the bangs! So Joon brings a birthday gift his friend. That would be cool to get presents from the future. So Joon gets a message that Ma Rin will be in a car accident at 4pm. He sighs and gets in his car.

NOTE: This is not an episode synopsis. This post does not contain any major spoilers. The plot seemed refreshing too - there hasn't been a modern-day time travel drama yet. Today, I'll be reviewing the first episode of TWY. Sadly, episode 1 was quite a let down.

Tomorrow with You

The story is about Yoo So Joon, a time-traveler who owns a real estate company worth billion won. When he sees his future self living unhappily, he decides to avoid that fate by marrying Song Ma Rin without love. - Yoo So Joon is the successful CEO of a real estate company who has the ability to time travel when he takes the subway.

Tomorrow With You (2017)

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