Why is everyone driving with their headlights on today 2018

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Why are modern car headlights so bright? How to prevent dazzle

why is everyone driving with their headlights on today 2018

Riding home I was really puzzled - it was like 40% of the cars I saw had their headlights on. This was on burnside going east and then north.

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At the launch of the several Road Safety Campaigns, the Department of Transport has urged motorists to drive with their headlamps on during the day. It is important to understand the merits behind this request. Several international studies have proven that the correct implementation of such a strategy could indeed assist in reducing deaths on the roads. Even though circumstances and environmental conditions might differ the following international studies have provided noteworthy findings in countries where daytime running lights are used in vehicles:. In Denmark in two studies evaluated the daytime running lights law, one that assessed short-term effects, the other looking at longer-term effects. Results of these two studies were quite consistent. There was a small reduction in daytime multiple-vehicle crashes 7 per cent in the first year and 3 months the law was in effect, with one type of daytime running lights relevant crash left turn in front of the oncoming vehicle reduced by 37 per cent.

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I hate daytime running lights. I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself whether visibility is poor enough to turn on my headlights or not. Unfortunately, most drivers are not, which is one reason why most manufacturers now include them as standard equipment in the US, even though they're not required by law. Manufacturers can appear to be proactive at adding safety features. It's easier to install them for everyone than to create one more difference between American and Canadian spec cars. Unfortunately, their presence leads to some new safety concerns.

Hi everyone and welcome to this site. There are still too many 'crosses' on the sides of our roads. Majority of the time the truck driver is incorrectly blamed for the accident. This I find very frustrating as statistically in most cases, the car driver is at fault for the following reasons: Trucks cannot stop on a 10c piece and need much more distance to pull up safely. Common sense should indicate that even when empty, they are much heavier than cars. So when cars and smaller vehicles get in front of a loaded truck and decide to brake at the last minute, this then becomes catastrophic for everyone involved.

However, you may have come across some laws or signs that may have confused you. First off, there are a few circumstances in which daytime headlight use is not only strongly recommended, but can even be required by law. The primary reason is inclement weather — rain, sleet, snow, hail, or fog are good reasons to use your headlights. Be sure to check your local headlight laws to see if this applies to your state. In these sections of road, visibility is usually difficult and can be limited. Having your headlights on during these periods can make it infinitely easier to spot oncoming traffic and any other cars around you.

Why do people turn on their headlights while driving in broad daylight?

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