Implementing microsoft multisite clustering using hp 3par peer persistence

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HP 3PAR SSMC 2.1 makes Peer Persistence configuration easy as 1-2-3

implementing microsoft multisite clustering using hp 3par peer persistence

VMware Stretched Cluster with 3PAR Peer Persistency

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Peer Persistence configuration This capability allows users to configure a high-availability solution between two sites or data centers where storage access, failover, and failback remain completely transparent to the hosts and applications running on those hosts. Compared to traditional cluster failover models where, upon failover, the applications must be restarted, Peer Persistence software allows hosts to remain onlineserving their business applications even when they switch storage access from their original site to the storage array on the remote site, resulting in a much improved recovery time. A Windows multisite cluster configuration is designed to maintain data availability beyond a single physical or logical site failure. Terminology Throughout this paper, we identify the volume that is part of a primary Remote Copy group as the source volume. The replicated volume in the secondary Remote Copy group is called the target volume. Features and benefits Peer Persistence is a high-availability configuration between two data centers in which Windows hosts are set up in a multisite cluster configuration with access to storage arrays in both sites.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 25 guests. Posted: Fri Sep 11, am. Hello, Do any of you guys have experience with Peer Persistence and Windows hosts? Our Peer Persistence is running fine for our ESXi-connected hosts, but for our cluster of Windows R2 clustered hosts, we're running into some troubles. I then started the replication group recovery upto the point that replication was enabled again. All OK.

Because I wrote about it in the first of the two blog posts, allow me to take a short description, what Peer Persistence is and what it does, from that blog post:. There is nothing VMWare specific in that concept. This capability allows to configure a high availability solution between two sites or data centers where failover and failback remains completely transparent to the hosts and applications running on those hosts. This is not true! At this point, there is no winner.

Read how HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence enables storage systems located in different data centers to act as peers for transparent failovers in this architecture.
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We are starting the process of setting up a multi-site cluster so we can fail over in the event of a disaster. I've done extensive reading on this matter but majority of the articles assume that you want automatic failover which we don't. Our main goal is to be able to failover to the standby site if the primary were to catch fire or a natural disaster hits. A temporary internet outage does NOT mean we want to fail over. If you plan on using 3PAR's replication capability instead of the ability of to replicate data, then you need to work with HP to assist you in defining how you need to configure the environment. When using third party replication, you are dependent upon the third party for storage configuration. If you want manual failover, you can modify the quorum votes.

With the 2. The source array provides open paths while the replication target shows its paths in standby. At a high level, when a switchover command is issued, the path states change from active to standby and vice-versus. Add a quorum witness server to the switchover magic and you have a. The auto-provisioning will simplify the process and the chance for human error.

Deploying Microsoft Windows Multi-Site Failover Clusters and HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence

Failover clustering using 2 Nodes with File server (HA)


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