What is the difference between tempered glass and screen guard

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Screen protector vs tempered glass

what is the difference between tempered glass and screen guard

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Product successfully added to your shopping cart. Tempered glass construction for enhanced impact resistance and reduce the chances of screen damage. Made with chemically treated, transparent tempered glass with silicon adhesive to keep it in place. The surface has a hardness of H, which is 3 times stronger than regular PET film. Sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the surface. The screen protector has an Oleophobic coating, which prevents fingerprints and other contaminants which makes the screen protector easy to clean.

Cracked or broken touchscreens are among the most common forms of smartphone damage these days. Fortunately, investing in a screen protector for your smartphone is a relatively cheap and easy way to reduce the chances of screen damage. If you're in the market for a screen protector, you might be wondering whether a tempered glass or plastic option is right for you. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each option, you can ultimately make a well informed decision. Tempered glass screen protectors have become increasingly popular in recent years. They're typically sold individually rather than in bulk packs and are made out of a tempered glass that doesn't easily shatter and, if it does break, does so in a way that prevents dangerous shards from becoming a hazard.

Dear Lifehacker, I scratched the screen of my last phone and I want to avoid that on my new one. Are they better than plastic? Dear Scratcher, Yup, you can get screen protectors made out of tempered glass. Like with any technology, they have their own pros and cons. Price: Plastic screen protectors are much cheaper than tempered glass ones. The price difference is because of the quality of the plastic or glass, and technologies applied to it like an oleophobic coating which reduces fingerprints. Toughness: Tempered glass is almost always sturdier than plastic at the same price.

While buying a new smartphone we make sure to accessorise our phone well. We doll it up and take care of it like a baby. Screen guards or screen protectors are very essential while ensuring the well-being of your phone screens. They will help you shield your phone screens from everyday scratches, breakage or any other damage. All it does is add an extra layer of protection over your regular phone screen. Especially, if you are accident prone or clumsy, you need to cover up your phone screens right away using the screen guards. Investing in a good screen protector is probably the best way to reduce the chances of getting damaged screens and thus letting your phone have a longer lifetime.

Having a big scratch on your phone is like having an itch in your brain you just can't reach. Plus, it lowers the resale value of the device when you want to upgrade. A screen protector can keep the surface pristine, but buying one is more complicated than it should be. Let's break down the difference between the different types, so you don't waste your money. The glass on your gadgets has gotten a lot more scratch-resistant since the days of the iPod.

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Both the tempered glass and screen guard performs the similar function of protecting the mobile handsets and other devices like smartwatch screen from scratches and scrapes. Construction is the main reason for tempered glass toughness. - Survey: You and the OnePlus Community.

Tempered Glass Vs. Plastic Screen Protectors: Which One Is Better?



What is Tempered Glass? Tempered glass is made by controlled chemical and thermal treatments to increase its strength. The glass is first first.
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