Bradford white gas water heater troubleshooting

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Need help troubleshooting Bradford White Gas Water Heater

bradford white gas water heater troubleshooting

Bradford White Water Heater Will Not Light!

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Log in or Sign up. Joined: Apr 13, Location: Ohio. I have been having some problems with it lighting to heat the water intermittently. This unit has a glow plug, thermocouple and pilot light. When it calls for heat the flue blower comes on, the glow plug turns on which lights the pilot light and then the burner comes on. It works fine for maybe a week or a month and then it will skip a beat and not light.

Home Search waterheatertimer. Search using. Low gas pressure should affect all appliances. Use only black pipe or yellow approved flexible gas line. Galvanized pipe will flake off pieces that can enter gas valve. Connect pipes so no joint compound or teflon tape can get into gas line and enter gas control valve. Install 3" sediment trap on gas line.

The following message is directed at homeowners that may consider doing work or repairs on a water heater:. Bradford White has been involved with manufacturing water heaters for over years. While many water heater manufacturers sell their products through high volume home centers to anyone who walks through the door, we will only sell our products through plumbing and heating wholesale supply centers. Because we are committed to professional installation of our products. We recommend that you rely on an experienced professional plumbing and heating contractor for water heater installation and maintenance. Not only will they install it correctly and back their workmanship, but they also have access to a full line of the highest-quality water heaters, with features that simply can't be found at retail centers.

There are often a number of different causes for the same condition, so be sure to check them all -- even after you have identified the main reason for the problem. Some may be on the verge of developing, while others may develop right after you have fixed the primary cause. So play it safe
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Troubleshooting water heaters, common causes, symptoms and home repair guide for tank leaking, no hot water, not enough hot water, cold water sandwiches, sediments, and scale build-up, noise, bad odor, gas valve problems, thermocouple replacement, and other water heating issues. How to get help! Use this water heater repair guide to find out more about common causes and symptoms, how to identify problems and how to do repairs on tank type and tankless gas and electric water heating systems. Keep in mind that symptoms or signs of water heater failure among different manufacturers are very similar, if not the same, so directions for one brand and model can be applied to others. To have a better understanding of propane, natural gas, and electric heaters, we recommend you become familiar with articles on how these units work and the main parts.

Search waterheatertimer. Search using. This should reset the controller. Bradford White gas water heater timer Gas water heater timer requires 3 things: 1. The Programmable Setback Controller which is a 4-time-per-day, 7-day a week gas water heater timer. Then relight. Interface with the Honeywell gas control valve.

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