Association of science technology centers

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Association Of Science Technology Centers Annual Conference

association of science technology centers

Hands on at the ASTC 2011 Exhibit Hall

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The Association of Science-Technology Centers ASTC is a professional membership organization that supports the future success of science centers, science museums, and related institutions dedicated to public engagement with science. ASTC is engaged in a transformative process to implement a new strategic direction for the association to better support its members. ASTC is building capacity across the organization to:. To support ASTC in advancing this new strategy, the organization is seeking highly motivated, mission-driven individuals to fill roles at every level across our functional teams. Click below for complete job descriptions and timelines for applying.

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Ecsite collaborates with other organisations worldwide, acting as an advocate of science engagement and representing its members' interests. Regional organisations gather science engagement professionals around the globe. Together, we organize a bi-annual Science Centre World Summit. In many European countries, science engagement professionals are also federated at national level. Ecsite works in close collaboration with these national bodies. Together, the zoos, aquaria, botanic gardens, science centres and museums etc.

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The Association of Science-Technology Centers ASTC is a global organization providing collective voice, professional support, and programming opportunities for science centers, museums, and related institutions, whose innovative approaches to science learning inspire people of all ages about the wonders and the meaning of science in their lives., Through strategic alliances and global partnerships, ASTC's goal is to increase awareness of the valuable contributions its members make to their communities and the field of informal STEM learning.


Do you want to make a big impact on communities, the science and technology sectors, 21st century skill development and the innovation pipeline in Ontario and Canada? The Ontario Science Centre is looking for a commercially oriented executive to provide transformational and operational leadership to deliver on its vision, purpose, and strategic plan. The closing date to apply is Sunday, September 15, You can review the full job posting and apply online by visiting www. Roper Mountain Science Center seeks a creative and driven leader who demonstrates a passion for astronomy and education. The ideal candidate will have proven astronomy experience in formal or informal science education with experience managing staff. They should possess a strong commitment to student education, customer service, and creative problem solving and experience using technology related to space sciences.

The theory of evolution by natural selection is a unifying concept that explains the incredible diversity of living things, their genetic relationship, and evidence that living things change over time. Evolutionary theory is central to modern science. In response to public inquiries regarding the presentation of Darwinian evolution in science centers and museums, ASTC's Executive Committee issued the following "Statement on Science" in September ASTC's members are committed to advancing the public understanding of science and contributing to the development of a scientifically literate society. Science is a human endeavor that uses observations and experimentation to develop explanations of the natural world. Scientific theories are grounded in and compatible with evidence, internally consistent, and demonstrably effective in explaining a wide variety of phenomena.

Explore the strategies, people, operations, programs, technologies, partnerships, and new approaches that will advance the science center field. Choose from more than sessions and events along with colleagues, friends, and leaders in the field. Experience the unparalleled wonder of the Ontario Science Centre as it celebrates its 50th birthday. The Professional Development team works with ASTC members to bring informal science learning opportunities to the field through communities of practice CoPs , webinars, project websites, workshops, the ASTC Annual Conference, minigrant programs, and more. ASTC also advances field development through project collaborations with our members and other partners. ASTC's Office of Government and Public Relations is your voice on policy issues of priority interest to the science center and museum field, locally, nationally, and globally. ASTC represents the field on these issues at national and international levels, and provides material relevant to the local advocacy needs and interests of science centers and museums everywhere.

Large and small science museums from around the world are gathering at the Connecticut Convention Center to share and reflect on their successful and not-so-successful exhibits and programs.,





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