Who is the money girl on memphis street outlaws

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Meet The Cast of “Street Outlaws: Memphis”

who is the money girl on memphis street outlaws

Fans of the Street Outlaws spinoff, Street Outlaws: Memphis, have been wondering who is JJ Da Boss' "money girl." Her dad is Kenneth Gulley, the owner of Gulley Garage, which is featured heavily on Street Outlaws: Memphis. "Money girl" gig aside, Mallory go-to race car is her.


The petite blonde can be seen awarding the drag race winners their earnings on the Discovery Channel series, but a little research will prove that Mallory Gulley is more than just a pretty face. Well, if her last name sounds familiar, it should. And just like her gearhead dad, who is known to drive the Bounty Hunter, Mallory age 22 is following in his racing footsteps. Mallory also posted about the moment on Instagram, writing, "We had such a good weekend in St Clair! On the race track, she credits fellow female racer Chelsea Day for being her inspiration. She also makes it very clear on social media that she is not in a relationship. However, he heart does belong to her rescue pup, Chet.

He and his rough and ready team from Memphis, Tennessee are dedicated race car drivers who have been working together for a few decades now. Here is an introduction to the cast and crew of the fast and wild series. JJ has been the leader of his racing team that is made up of friends and family. The group knows their craft and each of the are committed to the sport as well as to one another. The members of the team hold the sport in high regard and their participation is more about honor and pride in themselves, the team, and the car. Tricia is the wife of JJ Da Boss. Precious is JJs cousin.

The first confusing part of the relationship is the fact that JJ Da Boss never posts any pictures of Tricia and himself together on Instagram. There are a number of Instagram pictures with JJ Da Boss and his children, but none with his current wife. JJ will put me in anything. JJ has 11 kids and 5 grandkids and there are a number of media outlets that report that Tricia is the mother to all 11 children but that has not been confirmed. If the photos online are accurate, it is hard to believe that Tricia Day has had 11 children. How old do you think Tricia Day is?

When TV viewers in February tuned in to watch Episode 7 of "Street Outlaws: Memphis" premiere -- a crime may have unfolded before their eyes, when the star of the street racing show allegedly brawled with another driver. Chad Larkin, a street car racer from Missouri, and his wife Genny are accusing Jonathan "JJ Da Boss" Day, the year-old host of the Discovery Channel show, of inciting an assault against him that he believed was going to be fatal. Larkin literally believed the Street Outlaws were attempting to kill him. Day is also accused, in an Affidavit obtained by Newsweek , of inflicting blows against Larkin that allegedly took place as the reality show was filming. Larkin claimed he was repeatedly "kicked and hit about his head and body" by Day and his several of his associates after defending himself.

The Bounty Hunter and Day continued the assault, punching Larkin in the face repeatedly and kicking him in the ribs. He literally feared for his life. In fact, incredibly, one of the producers instructed a camera man to get closer and get a better shot. It didn't take long for Fox to fire back. Gaeta was let go after a subordinate accused him of "racist behavior," including defending blackface and sending pictures of watermelons to African-American employees.


Mallory Gulley Is More Than Just a Pretty Face on 'Street Outlaws: Memphis'

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Discovery Sued by Couple Who Say They Were Assaulted During ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ Shoot




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