The monkees that was then this is now music video

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The Monkees: Then and Now

the monkees that was then this is now music video

In early , Arista Records, who owned the Monkees catalog at the time, started planning a greatest hits package that would mark the.

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Post a Comment. That's where I first picked up their trail. When Peter Tork, who played keyboards and bass for The Monkees, passed away earlier this week, i t reminded me of when I first heard them, and of that comeback they made mid-decade. They were formed specifically for a TV show that aired from to , but they continued recording and performing until They did a lot of stories on current TV shows and movies, played some music videos and profiled a lot of celebrities.

Here they come walkin' down the street. It's the Monkees!
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Usually there's a high demand for the act, and it's always been successful. But the show's producers ultimately chose two seasoned actors Jones and Dolenz and two musicians Tork and Mike Nesmith to portray their madcap rock 'n' roll band struggling to make it big. I was an actor playing a musician," says Dolenz, who had never played drums before being handed a pair of sticks that his Monkees character would use. But Jones notes, "The music from the show was such a hit that eventually we had to get out there and be the group we were pretending to be. Saying The Monkees were successful during is a dramatic understatement. There were points during that time when, despite the ire of rock 'n' roll hipsters, the so-called pre-fab four outsold their Liverpudlian predecessors - who, by the way, were always gracious towards Dolenz, Jones, Nesmith and Tork, and even hosted a particularly raucous party for the quartet when they played in England during

Monkees - That Was Then, This Is Now

The Monkees - That Was Then, This Is Now Lyrics

Dolenz and Tork, the two remaining band members, chatted with us about their 50th-anniversary album, Good Times , and their global tour together. Talk about the making of "Good Times. Dolenz: We had a lot of demos that we didn't finish back in the '60s. We found some amazing tracks. Some of them were half-finished. Some just had the lyrics and vocals, some without. There's a Carole King tune on the disc that was never released, a Neil Diamond song on which Davy sang.


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