Social media holiday calendar 2018

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2019 Hashtag Holidays Calendar

social media holiday calendar 2018

Download Now: Free Social Media Calendar Template. Have you . Want to finish out your calendar with some upcoming holiday posts?.

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Oscars, and the Super Bowl are core holidays that resonate with most audiences. Due to social media algorithms, this engagement is crucial to your social media success. Not only are holiday posts successful, but they make it easy for your followers to associate positive feelings with your business. These are summarized on a social media holidays infographic for each season, as well as a huge one that encompasses the entire year. Dates in each linked post are updated a month or two ahead of each month. Yes, some of the holidays do change dates from year to year!

Of course, some months are busier than others. How is a social media manager supposed to survive these perilous periods of feast and famine? Includes the tools, tricks, and daily routines used by three world-class social media experts. Hand out prizes, discounts, or free products to really make it worth their while. Business-to-business B2B brands could score major points on this day by sending their top customers pizzas for lunch.

Life of a marketing manager is all about planning. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Oscars, and the Superbowl — there are so many events to remember and marketing campaigns to plan! You will find all the main holidays for , and the important events to be ready for. Our calendar also includes some quirky and fun events, so you can surprise your subscribers and create unusual promotional campaigns. As a social marketing manager, you probably understand all the benefits of advanced planning. So get ready for a new marketing year with us! For a little boost of motivation, insights and tips on your marketing activity, see our list of top marketing podcasts.

The Official Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018


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  1. Incorporating holidays into your social media posts is a fun way to add some personality to your social media marketing, and gives you ideas for things to post when you just have no idea of what to post.

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