Minecraft super duper graphics pack

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Super Duper Graphics Pack

minecraft super duper graphics pack

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It was E3 in when Mojang announced that they were going to take the bold, nay daring, step of making Minecraft look good. That step was known as the Super Duper Graphics Pack, which would make the game look like a well-implemented community patch. But yesterday those hopes were dashed on the jagged, aliased edge of a square of stone, as it was announced the pack is wack. There was a glimpse of it here, showing off the 4K textures and atmospheric shaders that made the water and mist look lush. I liked the idea an official version of the many, many graphics packs out there. Having something that would just work was very appealing. In the meantime, all you really need to do is take a look at our run-down of the best shaders out there.

More than two years after its initial unveiling, Mojang has finally confirmed that Minecraft's very-long-awaited Super Duper Graphics Pack is no longer in development. While the latter was a core system update, moving all platforms except PS4 to the game's new Bedrock version and enabling cross-play in the process, the Super Duper Graphics update was all about aesthetics; it would give the survival game a massive, optional visual overhaul, initially launching alongside the then-imminent Xbox One X version. Better Together would bring 4K HDR support, as well as improved lighting, water, and shadows, but Super Duper Graphics would, according to Mojang's enthusiastic announcement blog , usher in all sorts of "excessive visual razzmatazz", including dynamic shadows, directional lighting, and edge highlighting. As drew to a close, however, Mojang announced that it would be delaying the release of the Super Duper update into the following year, writing that, "there's a lot of work to be done". And from then on out, updates grew increasingly scarce, leaving many to ponder its fate. And, today, an answer has arrived in the form of a new post on the Minecraft website.

For the past two years Minecraft players have been patiently waiting for a major graphics overhaul to the game. Now it's not happening. It promised a wide range of upgrades including dynamic shadows, much-improved lighting, foliage characters could move through, and all new textures in particular for villagers and mobs. The video demonstrating the new graphics in promised a lot as you can see below. This week, Mojang announced that the graphics pack is now dead. The reason why it's been canceled is down to how technically demanding the new graphics and associated systems proved to be, with the news post explaining:.

Minecraft’s Long-Promised Super-Duper 4K Graphics Pack Is Canceled

Minecraft 's big Super Duper Graphics Pack is no more after two years of delays., The major graphics overhaul for Minecraft that was announced back in at E3 is officially canceled, according to a statement released by Mojang.

Minecraft's long-awaited Super Duper Graphics update is officially dead

A little over two years ago, Minecraft developer Mojang announced that Minecraft would be receiving an awesome, amazing, incredible graphics update. The video showing off the improvements was a hit back at E3 , and questions about when the update would be released have popped up on the Minecraft subreddit from time to time ever since. Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack. Image by Microsoft. This is a pretty thin explanation. But at the same time, what sense does it make to scrap the rewrite after two full years in development? Not much makes sense about this.

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