Westworld season 2 episode 8

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Westworld Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Here's What You Need To Know About 'Kiksuya'

westworld season 2 episode 8

In the canon of Westworld, the Ghost Nation does not play by the rules. They sometimes vanish into thin air. Their minds are impervious to.

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In what has to be the absolute saddest episode of Westworld yet, "Kiksuya" graces us with the origin story of a key character in the series. We finally know Ake's name: the tan, chiseled man who introduced Westworld to a cocksure Logan Delos. Except nothing is what it seems. But somewhere along the way, at least Ake learned how to love and that love stuck with him through time and updates. Paired with Maeve's and Dolores's love drives , it seems clear that the misguided mission of Westworld has the unintended consequence of creating actual bleeding hearts inside of robots. Westworld's creators have said that the path to being a real boy involves true pain. By giving these creatures something to love, the creators have created something close to human.

Do not read unless you have watched season two, episode eight. Not many of them, to be fair, and not consistently, but still. They live humbly, too, in harmony with nature, and Akecheta had a girlfriend, Kohana, about half his age. These were the good times. Rather than drink the whiskey, Akecheta picks up the memento and wanders home. They also, at the apparent instructions of Robert Ford, turn him into a baddie. This is so that paying guests can feel a bit more relaxed about shanking him in the gut.

Westworld season 2 episode 8 review: Kiksuya

We've seen the situation in Westworld build slowly, from a single host being awakened to multiple hosts coming online, to the entire park system turning on the human guests who ride, reave, rape, and ruin the synthetic inhabitants of Sweetwater. It hasn't been pretty, for either side. The behaviour of the humans was bad, and the behaviour of the hosts might be even worse now that they're taking the power back.

'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: 'Kiksuya'

Everyone has a story. At times, they even seemed like the mystic guardians of the Maze, knowledgeable keepers of a deeper world. But such notions were just mere projections, and stereotypical ones at that. The episode begins as Old William crawls to a river to stave off his death, and when it finally seems to be at hand, his old adversary walks in. This is Akecheta, the Native American warrior we have seen so many times before.

When Westworld takes a break from the overarching narrative of the season, i. Dolores slaughtering people, and focuses on small-scale, individual storylines, the results are among the most memorable episodes of the season. The episode begins, somewhat deceptively, with Old William, a character we know very well indeed. Rather than acting as secret-keepers, however, the tribe were actually spreading the word of Arnold. The mere image of The Maze stirs the beginnings of consciousness in Akecheta, and he soon becomes obsessed with it. Akecheta carves and paints The Maze everywhere he goes - the peaceful nomad understands that whatever The Maze did to him was for the better, and, like William, he wants to unlock its secrets.

The episode aired on June 10, The title is Lakota for "Remember", [2] and the majority of the dialogue in the episode is in Lakota. Akecheta of the Ghost Nation recovers the injured William, and keeps guard over him. Seeing Maeve's daughter scared of William, Akecheta realizes she has memories of her past narratives, and tells her his own story to reassure her. Akecheta had started as a peaceful host with his partner Kohana. Witnessing the aftermath of Wyatt's massacre of the hosts under Arnold's orders, Akecheta finds the symbol of the maze and starts down the path of sentience.

Westworld recap: season 2, episode 8 – the series' most beautiful chapter so far





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