House of cards season 6 episode 1 review

House of Cards season 6, episode 1 premiere recap: Chapter 66

house of cards season 6 episode 1 review

House of Cards: Season 6 Episodes 5 & 6 - Recap & Review

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But this is House of Cards. Did you expect subtlety? Remotely plausible dialogue? Coherent plot development? Regular readers of these recaps hi! The word on Frank is that he died peacefully in his sleep lol ok and is buried in Gaffney, which he loathed, beside his father, whom he despised.

Warning: contains plot details as revealed in this teaser trailer. Yes, it features many of the same things that have endeared its devoted fanbase and enraged its most critical reviewers since it became the first original streaming series ever to score significant Emmy Awards nominations in Despite the setback, however, the ever-scheming Frank decides that he can still control what happens in Washington thanks to the new circumstances afforded the pair. After all, it debuted in May of , right in the thick of a surprisingly real-world American presidency that, among other things, places almost no stock in the capabilities of women. But can the new season live up to such massive expectations? And that is the ultimate rub of House Of Cards.

Ever since Frank Underwood became president at the end of season two, the Netflix original has drifted directionless. It was initially all about the struggle for power, but once Underwood attained the very highest office following that enthralling exchange of letters with former president Walker, the question became, um, how does he keep it, I guess? The show felt like it was merely treading water in seasons three, four and five, Frank having no clear goal nor motive, and limited room to exact evil amid all the spotlight and security that being the president brings. What makes her tick? What secrets does she have to share with us through the fourth wall? How might a female presidency play out?

His wife Claire had replaced him in the Oval Office and was no longer taking his calls. Now, though, Frank really is gone. We rejoin Claire days into her reign. She is already on the brink. Who will win? The twin modern evils of ingrained misogyny and a super-rich 0. Or Claire, cool, battle-scarred and quietly ruthless?

Netflix absolutely made the right call. House of Cards was already in production of its final season, so Netflix decided to halt production and figure out their next steps. Then, in , production continued with Robin Wright at the helm. She was also supposed to pardon Frank for his illegal activity, but she failed to deliver it. As Claire settles into her presidency, she is faced not only with the ghost of her late husband, but also threats on her life.

You may have heard something about this. Production on this season was abruptly halted a year ago in the wake of sexual assault allegations against star Kevin Spacey, and not long afterward the planned season was scrapped and Spacey was flushed down the memory hole. Recall that at the end of last season, Frank told us he was going into the private sector, where the real power is wielded. The Shepherds and Underwoods go way back at least as far as prep school for Annette and Claire ; Frank had gotten involved with them and made some promises before his deathpromises that Claire has no intention of keeping. Do you miss Francis? That begins now. Presumably these will play out over the course of the season with the goal of giving us fuller picture of what Claire is all about.

House of Cards: season six review we still need to talk about Kevin

The sixth and final season of the American political drama web television series House of Cards was confirmed by Netflix on December 4, , and was released on November 2, Unlike previous seasons that consisted of thirteen episodes each, the sixth season consists of only eight.

House Of Cards season 6 review

Claire ruffles some feathers in her first days as President. Claire steeping into the role of president was always going to be controversial, because the Underwoods are a controversial couple. Claire refuses to cancel the plans though, quickly asserting that she is in fact an Underwood, and no threat can keep her from wielding her political power. In a cheesy, on-the-nose bit of imagery, Claire finds a bird inside the walls of the house and lets it go out the front door. With that out of the way, Claire makes a stop on her way to the military base.

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