How to woo a lady flight of the conchords

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1353 (Woo a Lady) by Flight of the Conchords

how to woo a lady flight of the conchords

Flight of the Conchords - The Summer of 1353 (Woo a Lady) - Dallas, TX 10-26-2016

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In the summer of As I sat beneath the willow tree. I decided on that day to woo a lady. I went to the florist and I said to she. I need a flower for today I'll be.
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It is a remark met with a wall of knowing laughter: the screens either side of the stage succeed in underlining the star status of the duo, but also in highlighting the flecks of grey peppering their hair. The Conchords have lost neither their beguiling, monotonous demeanour nor their ability to perform laugh-out-loud, foot-tapping bangers while simultaneously deconstructing them. How easy it would have been to perform nothing but the hits — yet more than half of the 15 songs they play are comparatively new. Their medieval pastiche, The Summer of , is unimprovable. After he asks the florist to recommend a flower with a rose-like scent, the florist says that a rose would probably be best. Trying to hire a horse from which to woo the lady, Clement discovers that some form of ID is necessary.


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Flight of the Conchords is a Grammy award-winning folk/pop/comedy duo comprised of Bret McKenzie formerly of The Black Seeds, Video Kid, and The.
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  2. A-wooing a lady. I went to the florist. And I said to she "I need a flower. For today I will be "A-woo-woo-woo, a-wooing. "A lady "I'll hold this.

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