How to add multiple videos in whatsapp status

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How to Create, Edit, Delete WhatsApp Status Updates

how to add multiple videos in whatsapp status

How to add multiple status in WhatsApp 2017

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Note : This name will only appear for contacts who do not already have your contact info saved in their phone's address book. For more information on WhatsApp Status, please read this article. Learn how to set up your profile and status on: Android iPhone. How can we help you? Windows Phone Account and Profile.

WhatsApp Status feature has been used by over million daily active users and it also comes with an option to add multiple pictures or.
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I love WhatsApp's status feature. It allows me to share some interesting snippets from my day with my WhatsApp family. With the ability to share videos, images, text and GIF's, this Snapchat like feature helps break the monotony. It's wonderful, however, while sharing videos I do feel that the second limit is a bit of a bummer. So, I can either be overly creative and create sec clips that define my status for the day or I use this nifty little hack that allows me to post longer videos as my WhatsApp Status. Yes, it requires some third-party applications. However, these apps are available for free.

WhatsApp Status is one of the most popular features of the WhatsApp app and while it was first introduced in February , the WhatsApp Status feature now has over million daily active users. On the other hand, WhatsApp has been adding new features or upgrading the existing ones to improve the user experience and this is how the Facebook-owned platform has become the most popular instant messaging app in the world with over one billion users. Here, we will be telling you about how can you add multiple pictures or videos to your WhatsApp status and enjoy this feature even more. Step 5: Now, Tap on the forward arrow present in the top-right corner of your WhatsApp Status window. On the other hand, you should know that a WhatsApp Status is automatically taken down after 24 hours and you can also delete a WhatsApp status manually.

How to add multiple status in WhatsApp? Latest Messenger Updates

This newest feature from the Facebook owned messaging company bears more than a passing resemblance to social rival Snapchat , and the update hasn't just added a new tab for the status in the menu on top of your screen, but also a camera button right in the middle of things, which can be used to update your status, or a contact, or group. It's an exciting change, and it's really straightforward too, but in case you have any doubts about how to use the feature, here's what you need to know about the revamped WhatsApp Status updates. You mean the line which most people completely ignored, leaving it on the default "Hi there, I'm using WhatsApp"?

WhatsApp Status: How to add multiple pictures or videos to your status

So Whatsapp has rolled out its new Status feature and is no longer a text status. Now you can use an Image or video to express whats taking place with you which is a welcome addition. You can now take full advantage of this feature and post whats happening and it will remain for 24 hours before disappearing. You can also tell how many people have viewed your latest status as its pushed out to your contacts easily. Most users who are using the new status feature in Whatsapp do not realize that they can add multiple slides to their status. Now here comes the not so obvious part go ahead and add additional pictures and instead of one they will play one after the other you can add 4,5 slides or so on. On the current screen you will see the one slide of your status or the multiple sides if you have any.

How to Add Multiple photos, Videos, And GIFs in status in WhatsApp


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