How to change sign in options on windows 10

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How do I change sign in options on Windows 10, 8.1?

how to change sign in options on windows 10

Fix 'Sign-in option' Greyed Out issue in Windows 10 - SBIT Online

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Regularly changing sign-in options i. PIN, user password and picture password makes sense in terms of password protection and data safety. In consequence, this article illustrates how to change sign-in options on Windows 10 computer in detail. Step 1 : Enter PC settings. Step 3 : Open Sign-in options and tap the Change button under Password. Step 5 : Type a new password, re-type it, input password hint and click Next. Tip : You can also change your user password in the Control Panel, following the process below.

When you sign-in to your user account or unlock the workstation, the last used sign-in method PIN, Password or Windows Hello is saved to the registry, and the same will be used the next time. However, you may notice that the default sign-in option reverts to password at every restart, even though you used PIN sign-in the last time to unlock the computer. The PIN sign-in choice is preserved even with automatic login enabled. With automatic login enabled, when Windows starts, it logs in to your account automatically and immediately updates the last used sign-in method or the authentication mechanism, in the registry. The last sign-in mechanism is stored in the following key, in the value name that matches your user account SID:. And manipulating the above key would be asking for trouble, as it might prove disastrous. I used a REG file to update the last credential provider using Task Scheduler at every login and it did work well for some time.

Do you want to know how to remove sign-in options i.
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The Microsoft Press Store by Pearson. Each user manages the password and sign-in options for his or her account. If and only if your sign-in account has a password, you can create alternative sign-in options on each computer you log in to. These sign-in options include the following:. Picture password An image of your choice on which you perform a specific combination of gestures. Windows divides the picture into a x grid and looks for your selected gesture pattern in the appropriate grid coordinates.

Here at WindowsReport we share plenty of useful Windows 10 and Windows 8. Those of you who are new to Windows 10 or Windows 8. But, as a matter of fact, things are much easier to do than before, and you just need to know the right steps to follow in order to solve your problems or get to know better the operating system that you use. This guide applies to Windows 8. Now you can choose what kind of sign-in option you want to enable for your Windows 8. On Windows 10, the Settings UI is a bit different but the steps to follow are pretty much the same. I hope you can now easily master the sign-in options to your Windows 10, Windows 8.

Set PIN as default sign-in option in Windows10

I hope you'll able to help me on that. It happened few times already but don't know why?

Default Sign-in Option Changes to Password from PIN Automatically in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers lots of different ways to secure your system. You can add a PIN, a picture password, your Microsoft account password, use Face detection if you have a supported camera, Dynamic lock , or use a fingerprint reader. Fingerprint readers and face detection i. Windows Hello require special hardware which is why the other options are more commonly used. Of these two options, again, the PIN and password are the common ones. When you set a PIN, it becomes the default sign in option however, you can switch between PIN and password unlock from the lock screen.






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  2. Default Sign-in Option Changes to Password from PIN Automatically in Windows 10 Winhelponline

  3. The article illustrates how to change sign-in options including PIN, user password and picture password on Windows 10 computer.

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