How to squirrel proof bird feeder

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6 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders [That ACTUALLY Work!]

how to squirrel proof bird feeder

Squirrel-proofing 101: Four common methods of keeping squirrels out of your birdseed


From buying specialized feeders to easy, quick tricks, it is possible to keep squirrels from taking advantage of your buffet without birds going hungry. The best types of birdseed , including black oil sunflower seeds , nuts , and suet , are just as attractive to squirrels as they are to birds. At first, it may seem like a squirrel is a welcome addition to backyard wildlife, and many birders don't mind occasional squirrel visits. Other birders, however, may have more difficulties with squirrels and their voracious appetites, frequent visits, and domineering attitudes. Unlike birds that will usually share feeders with other visitors, squirrels tend to scare or chase away birds and may stay at the same feeder until it is empty, consuming seeds quickly without any birds getting a bite.

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Trust me; there are LOTS of bird feeders that claim to be squirrel proof. The feeder has to allow a variety of bird species to feed comfortably AND at the same time stop squirrels from eating anything. But squirrels are incredibly smart, especially when it comes to eating from your bird feeders. They are patient, athletic, acrobatic, relentless and also feature sharp teeth that can chew through almost anything. There are actually different ways that bird feeders use to keep squirrels off from eating. Almost all birds that come to your backyard are much lighter than squirrels.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders the best squirrel proof bird feeders of Top feeder reviews, brands, selection tips, and more. Best for attracting birds while keeping squirrels away. Watching wildlife in your backyard is a fun and relaxing pastime that is enjoyed by many people. A squirrel eating out of a bird feeder is not uncommon, but it can feel a little hopeless to resolve. Here to help get you started are our picks for top squirrel proof feeders. Plus, the bird feeder is attractive to look at in your yard, especially without squirrels stealing the food out of them!

Personally, I like squirrels and want them in my backyard. I enjoy watching them, and they are as much a part of nature as birds. Unfortunately, these ravenous rodents can quickly become a nuisance for many reasons, including their voracious appetite, feeder dominance, amazing athletic ability, and ability to chew through almost anything! Below is a LIVE look at my bird feeding station. You should not see any squirrels on my feeders if you do please let me know in the Comments! The rest of this post will provide strategies to help keep them OFF your feeders too. After doing lots of research and experimenting at home, I have put together seven strategies that can help prevent and stop the carnage that squirrels can wreak on your bird food supply.


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