How to make cauliflower fry

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Cauliflower Fry Recipe | Gobi Stir Fry Dry Recipe

how to make cauliflower fry

Cauliflower 65 - Cauliflower fry - Gobi 65 in Tamil - ???? ?????? 65

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Cauliflower fry is a delicious fry made using cauliflower florets. Gobi fry here is a dry fry version of gobi suitable to be eaten with roti or paratha. Gobi stir fry is a dry dish and gobi fry can be made in many ways and here I have shown the simplest way of stir frying made with few spices. Some tend to deep fry the gobi and some stir fry it and both versions of gobi fry taste yum. Using few spices makes stir fries very tasty and they appear to be simple.

Dhabas are usually found on the highways in India. They generally serve the local food of the area in which it is. The food is always freshly made. The food served is generally spicy and with little extra oil. They serve it with their popular Lassi.

If you like veggies and bold flavor, this Sichuan style Chinese cauliflower dish should definitely be on your radar. These crunchy cauliflower bites are cooked in a numbing spicy sauce that is so rich. I created this dish based on the classic Chinese cauliflower dry pot recipe. It is a popular restaurant dish and there are several approaches to cooking it. The common version is made with crunchy cauliflower, dried peppers, and Chinese sausage.

Yeah, You guessed it. Having said that, this is spicy, flavorful, you can keep the crunch and still love it. The trick to getting a roasted cauliflower without the watery taste is to cut and drain the cauliflower well to avoid any water content. I cannot stress this enough because this is all it takes it get a perfectly roasted vegetable. Just remember, once you add the cauliflower, turn the heat to high till moisture evaporates, then cover and cook on low.

A teacher and a blogger, Jaishree is an expert on authentic and traditional Indian cuisine. Recipe Chef Cuisines Category Course. Home Recipes Crisp Cauliflower Fry. Crisp Cauliflower Fry. Recipe by Rajeswari Vijayanand.

How to Make Crisp Cauliflower Fry

Cauliflower fry recipe with step by step photos. Street style crispy and delicious cauliflower fry without any added colors or sauces. This crispy gobi fry is an excellent snack with tea for winters.

Gobi Dhaba Style (Stir Fry Cauliflower Indian Roadside Style)

OOh Yummy! I used to do this with besan flour.. This was very useful! Hi arthi,I always use besan flour and rice flour to make gobi fry. Thanks for this post. I tried this recipe and it is the best cauliflower fry I have ever tasted.

Gobi 65 recipe Gobi 65 is a delicious crisp fried appetizer made with cauliflower, spices, yogurt and herbs. They originated from Chicken There are many varieties made like Paneer 65 , aloo They are served as a evening snack or starter along with other South Indian foods. We love the crisp fried appetizers made with gobi.

Cauliflower Fry Recipe In Telugu


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