How to read basketball stats

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About Box Plus/Minus (BPM)

how to read basketball stats

Oct 15, Reading a box score is an easy way to see which team and players had the most success in any basketball game. The stats are updated inside the arena and are available online for fans to follow the game in real time.

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The NBA 's analytics revolution insert Revenge of the Nerds joke here has changed the way we think and talk about basketball. These days, you can't have an intelligent conversation about hoops without relevant statistics to back up your thoughts and lend credence to your opinions. Read any respectable basketball columnist as well as those striving to reach that level, like yours truly , and you'll come across a plethora of advanced metrics which support their claims and provide astonishing insight into the game. Don't be blinded by the raw numbers though; it's how you interpret the numbers that really matters, as these are what truly enhance your basketball sophistication. Use this primer as a guide for which metrics to study when taking an in-depth look at players and teams.

Statistics in basketball are kept to evaluate a player's or a team's performance. Examples of basketball statistics include: [ citation needed ]. A quadruple double is extremely rare and has only occurred four times in the NBA. There is also a 5x5, when a player records at least a 5 in each of the 5 statistics. Examples of tempo-free statistics including the following [3] [4]. In fantasy basketball , [5] statistics are used in a formula as the measurement of a player's performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Basketball Statistics Definitions This is determined by tapping one of the layup buttons on the Track Stats screen after a 2 point basket has been made.
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During every NBA game, there are multiple people called statisticians sitting courtside keeping track of everything that happens on the court. Which player shot the ball? Was it a make or a miss? If it was a miss, which player collected the rebound? Did a defender block the shot?

Expanded Glossary of Basketball Stats

Basketball statistics

BPM relies on a player's box score information and the team's overall performance to estimate a player's performance relative to league average. Note: BPM does not take into account playing time — it is purely a rate stat. BPM was created to intentionally only use information that is available historically, going back to More recently there has been more information gathered, both in box scores and via play-by-play, but in order to create a stat with historical usefulness, those stats have been ignored for BPM. In other words — it is possible to create a better stat than BPM for measuring players, but difficult to make a better one that can also be used historically. There are limitations on all box score stats — if the box score doesn't measure a particular contribution, a box-score-based metric can only approximate that contribution.




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