David lynch god is gay

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David Lynch Thinks Donald Trump ‘Could Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents in History’

david lynch god is gay

When he premiered Mulholland Drive for critics and my class @AFIConservatory, he did the same thing. When asked to elaborate about a.


D avid Lynch seldom smiles in photographs. The quiff completes the effect, its lush swirl seemingly frozen in place by alarming, Lynchian thoughts. In his 40 years of film-making, the director has taken audiences from sunlit American idylls to surreal dimensions populated by demons, doppelgangers and psychotic killers. He is reclusive and seldom leaves this little realm, let alone grants audiences to journalists — but he is prepared to now, on the eve of publishing an unconventional memoir-cum-biography, Room To Dream. An assistant escorts me through the house sleek concrete walls and surfaces, floor-to-ceiling shelves of VHS cassettes and CDs and up through the garden to the studio. A snake slithered across the path earlier this morning, the assistant says.

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David Lynch is, intentionally or otherwise, a queer artist worthy of being in the ranks of folks like Todd Haynes, Kenneth Anger, the Wachowskis and Cheryl Dunye. Lynch has a fundamental understanding of the strangeness of sex and eroticism, and his films, even without explicit sex, carry an uncomfortably erotic charge. The Lady in the Radiator, chalk white and with cheeks bulbous like a chipmunk, retains a s-reminiscent hairdo and calf-length dress. Much of queer desire feels like a navigation of those extremes, and encompasses what it means to endure both. Lynch perfects this extreme nature in Mulholland Drive , using its puzzle structure as both atmosphere and as a series of reflections from a broken heart. The blue lighting of Club Silencio literally shimmers as the two clasp hands. At its center, Mulholland Drive is a story of heartbreak.

You Got Your Good Thing and I’ve Got Mine: David Lynch as Queer Artist

Enter challenges, watch videos, and take part in our annual vote to decide the best film, TV show and game of the year., Twin Peaks creator David Lynch has said that he thinks Donald Trump "could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history".

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No, really. Like children, they are. Read the full interview at The Guardian here. Since becoming president, Donald Trump has had a lot more occasion to talk about American history. He likes to remind people that "you know, I'm, like, a smart person," but he doesn't always seem to get it right. Here are 19 instances of Trump and his surrogates giving weirdo history lessons. On Frederick Douglass During a Black History Month breakfast in February, after mentioning several African American historical figures Trump said, "Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.






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