Best way to get from orlando airport to port canaveral

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The Best Way to Transport From the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

best way to get from orlando airport to port canaveral

Go Port Canaveral shuttles VS Private transfer to from Port Canaveral

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It may surprise many to know that the distance to Port Canaveral from the closest major airport in Orlando is the furthest compared to airports serving all other Florida Cruise Ports. Just about all major airlines fly into Orlando International Airport, giving cruise travelers the most options when coordinating flights for their cruise. While large, the terminals are easy to navigate with automated shuttles operating between the main terminal buildings and gates. While taxis are plentiful from the airport and they will drop you off right at your cruise terminal, you can expect to pay a higher amount and if you are not a light packer, extra luggage may be a problem. An Uber may cost you less, but then you could have an issue of reliability, or surge pricing and you may also require a larger vehicle, increasing the price for excess luggage. You can buy transfers directly from your cruise line, but they tend to operate on less frequent schedules and since they charge you per person, you can expect to pay a significantly higher amount. In fact, cruise line transfers will probably be your most expensive option.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of shuttle and car services available in Orlando that will take you directly to the Port Canaveral cruise terminal. For those who prefer to travel in style, there are also plenty of private transportation and luxury options for a higher price point. Luxury services are also ideal if you are traveling with a large group and want to save. Related: Find the best parking options at Port Canaveral. Book a one way or round trip shuttle ticket with Go Port Canaveral, one of the cheapest shuttle options available.

If you are flying into Orlando for your cruise, one of your biggest questions is usually how to get to the port. Your options are nearly unlimited. It goes without saying that tourism is big business in Florida. If there is a need by even a handful of people, a business will pop-up to cater to them. To get from the airport to the cruise port you can take a cab, Uber, Lyft, cruise line shuttle, rent a car, and more. The good news for cruise passengers is that with so many tourists and so many companies providing service, there is a lot of competition for your dollar.

Best Way to Get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

6 Easy Ways to Get From the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral for a Cruise

The airport is 45 miles due west of the cruise terminal. If coming from the Orlando airport, take the North Exit from the airport, staying to the right, to State Road also know as the Beachline Expressway East. You will take S. If you are flying in for your cruise, there are several options for getting there without a car. Independent Shuttles Recommended If you want your cheapest option and to help the local economy , then we suggest an independent shuttle service.

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Best way to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral - Cape Canaveral Forum

Call us today and we will be happy to help you make a reservation or help you with your current one. Lux2 Transfer looks forward to having you aboard! Our main priority at Lux2 Transfer is your safety and comfort. We want your vacation to start before you board your cruise line. We will always make sure that you travel safely and in style while enjoying relaxed seating. Our team of professionals will assist you to make your trip more enjoyable and hassle free.

We are closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian and how it will affect your Port Canaveral cruise. For the latest information, please visit our Live Updates page.
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Port Canaveral is not the most conveniently located cruise port for those flying into Florida. Despite being located about 45 miles from Orlando International Airport, several options do exist to ensure you arrive to the ship on time for your cruise. If you are not sure which mode of transportation is best for your next vacation, we compare all of the options in this post. See which transportation service tops our list of the best ways to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. Perhaps the easiest way to get from the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral is to book a cruise line transfer. You can purchase the transfer pre-cruise either online or through a travel agent.

Leave Orlando behind and head to the port. Getting from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral, around 45 miles east, is the last piece of the logistics puzzle you need to put in place before you sail away. Take time, cost, convenience and even the number of people in your party into consideration before you decide which way is best for you. Almost a dozen rental car agencies operate at Orlando International Airport with costs determined by car size and length of rental. Renting a car gives you the most control over the trip to Port Canaveral, but may wind up being more expensive than other methods because of one-way rental or parking fees. Taxis are readily available at the airport and at Port Canaveral when you return from your cruise.

Can anyone who has taken a Royal Caribbean cruise recently within the past couple of months tell me how much the tranfers the cruise line offers cost? Any suggestions are appreciated thanks in advance. I would love to see the same answer from anyone who can help. We are taking a Royal Caribbean Freedom ship and are arriving on Saturday before the Sunday deportation. This best direct way if you are driving is heading out of the Orlando airport you will head east on to Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.

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