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One Man Reveals: "What It Feels Like To Go Down On A Woman"

going down on him images

50 Women Reveal What They Love Most About Going Down On Guys - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out.

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They say all's fair in love and war, but when it comes to going down, things just aren't. A full half of twenty-something guys revealed that they had received oral sex in the past month, compared with just over a third of women, per a recent study done by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior. While two-thirds of WH readers say they wish their guy would go south more often, 49 percent are too shy to make the request. It's time to even the score, sisters! What's Holding Him Back?

My darlings, we've wondered about whether men like going down on women , but why not go straight to the source? Here, a year-old guy in Manhattan reveals exactly what it feels like to head south As a man, there are few things better than lying at the bottom of a bed, with a gorgeous woman above you, her legs spread wide open for you to go down on her. It's incredibly sexy and welcoming. We're oral creatures. Our lives revolve around our mouths--talking, eating, singing, drinking The human connection to the mouth is so vital and intense.

Blow job lesson – here’s how to go down on a man

Just like the rest of your sex routine, oral benefits from regularly mixing it up. Mix up your oral game by physically moving around and trying new positions, just like you do in the rest of your sex life. The more body parts that are in the air, the better.

Down, Boy! How to Have More Oral Sex

Naked woman. Must touch. But that changes when we go down on you because, suddenly, we have a goal. We need a strategy. And we need to silence the me, me, me part of our brains long enough to make you feel totally happy with your decision to get into bed with us. Is That It? But your clitoris?



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