Loud boom in san diego today

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Video: Series of loud booms rocks downtown Los Angeles

loud boom in san diego today

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Parts of San Diego heard a mysterious boom on Wednesday afternoon and multiple people throughout the county heard the sound around 10 a. Police received calls of the strange sound and an official with Naval Base Coronado said they heard it as well, but it was not from training on the island. The source of the noise is unknown at this time. Loud booms heard in Paso Robles California pm…also heard fainter ones yesterday Feb 26 …today were much louder. I heard it at Balboa Hospital at around 10 or 11 am or so. It sounded like something fairly large landed on top of the warehouse I was in, and i caused the roof and walls to shake for several seconds. It was very loud and pretty scary.

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San Diego residents noted shaking and a loud, mysterious boom in various parts of the city and county. A number of people on social media said they thought it was an earthquake.
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Friday, August 30, Welcome Guest Login or Register. Modern Mysteries. The sounds were coming from a US military base miles away. Logan Kyle.

California 'booms' mystery has been solved

Mysterious Booms In San Diego, California January 25, 2017

Hernandez said his friends felt it too and he described it as an earthquake. - From Freedom to Fascism!


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