Darling in the franxx episode 24

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Darling in the Franxx Episode 24 (Final) Review: Never Let Me Go

darling in the franxx episode 24

Darling In The Franxx(Zero Two X Hiro Death Scene) - Ep24


Continuing to fly in just dark space is like nothing else - the journey that seems like forever eventually makes Hiro lose his sense of time. On the other hand, on Earth, the parasites who returned from space started living their own lives. They reconstructed Mistilteinn , awakened the comatose children, and witnessed the birth of a new life. While they encountered separation time and again, they took it day by day, trying to become adults they wished to be. Zero Two asks him if he is scared but he says no because he feels like he is becoming part of her. They come across a large swarm of VIRM soldiers and proceed to wipe them out. On Earth, 72 days after the gate passage, Kokoro enters the third month of her pregnancy and her stomach is noticeably bigger.

Enlarge Image. Episode 24 of Darling in the Franxx aired its final episode on 7 July
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Still, if you were to look at episode 24 in a vacuum, some parts of it manage to at least feel like a fitting conclusion to this story. Mitsuru and Kokoro successfully give birth to their baby, Ikuno begins teaching herself the medical expertise needed to care for the next generation of children, and so on. In perhaps the one scene I can actually say I love, Goro goes off in search of any surviving children that may have been left behind by the VIRM, promising to return to Ichigo and sealing his farewell with a kiss that cements his affection for her. Outside of this beat, I have to admit that the rest of this extended montage left me cold, no matter how treacly and emotional it became. The episode eventually leans hard into how the kids have vowed to preserve the Earth by abstaining from using magma energy, which leaves the show's environmental conservation angle feeling forced, since those themes didn't even make themselves apparent until just a few weeks ago.


A New Story Begins-Darling in the franxx episode 24 final


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  1. Never Let Me Go is the twenty-fourth and final episode of DARLING in the FRANXX. Hiro and Zero Two, after separating from their squadmates, travel to the end of the universe with Strelizia True Apus to settle it once and for all with VIRM. Ichigo, Goro, Miku, Zorome, Futoshi, and.

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