Boykin spaniel breeders near me

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boykin spaniel breeders near me

Boykin Spaniel Breeders has members. This group is for Boykin Spaniel Breeders to post current or future breedings. People keep PM me for details.

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Expected whelp date September 20, Ready for new homes November 23, Both Secret and Charlie have strong hunting drive. Secret has been professionally trained by Blaine Tarnecki. Charlie was trained by DeVon Ruth.

Anybody can breed a pet Boykin, I breed quality home and hunting Boykins. These are my actual breeding Boykins as of , unlike many other breeders that merely show pictures of past dogs. Twinkle had only one litter and Jazzy just 18 pups, due to how lightly I breed my Gurlkins. All of my pups come with a Vet. This web page is written by me in HTML and every word was written by me for you to read. The companionship of a dog is unlike any other.

You've landed in exactly the best place! Who could possibly be a better source than the family who developed this breed a hundred years ago? Compact yet bold and physical. The Boykin Spaniel Society's mission is to improve on historic accomplishments so that the future of the breed is ensured. We do that by promoting responsible breeding practices of healthy purebred Boykin Spaniels, and by directing the public to information concerning the attributes - good and bad - of the Boykin spaniel. It stands for our quality, our history, and most important, our devoted little brown dogs. View More.

I am a hobby breeder of Boykin Spaniels, committed to improving the breed and producing dogs with Click here to see me having fun with my Boykins.
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Boykin Spaniel Plantation. The Boykin Spaniel is medium in size, sturdy, and a typical spaniel. They are first and foremost a hunting dog with proven retrieving and flushing abilities characterized by boundless intelligence. Boykin Spaniels show great desire to please. They are a strong swimmer, taking to the water easily and are valuable for water retrieving as well as field retrieving.

Boykin Spaniel Puppies for Sale

Brandywine Creek Boykin Spaniels. Critter Collars should be a "must have" in your box of whelping supplies. For more information click here for their website. Ester -C. Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia. Ester-C for Dogs.



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  1. We are a breeder of the Boykin Spaniel. We are located in Broxton, Ga. Our dogs exibit good retrieving and hunting characteristics, but are also bred for.

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