Search pdf files for text

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How to Search a PDF for Words or Phrases

search pdf files for text

How to search a particular text in a pdf file

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PDF documents are everywhere these days. You probably encounter them all the time if you work in an office, but they are also very common in other environments due to the numerous features they possess and their resistance to unauthorized modification. However, one area where people sometimes struggle when it comes to PDFs is searching through them. Finding a specific piece of text in one PDF is no issue ó you just type it into the search box. The problems can arise when you have numerous PDFs to look through.

A search can be broad or narrow, including many different kinds of data and covering multiple Adobe PDFs. See Creating PDF indexes. You run searches to find specific items in PDFs. You can run a simple search, looking for a search term within in a single file, or you can run a more complex search, looking for various kinds of data in one or more PDFs. You can selectively replace text. You can run a search using either the Search window or the Find toolbar.

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PDF documents are probably the most commonly used set of documents in most offices today because of their ability to be locked from.
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February 12, by Hung Nguyen. Press Enter or click the right arrow to navigate between the results. Alternatively, press the left arrow key to go back. In a similar fashion, you can type in multiple words to create and search for a specific phrase in your PDF. Your favorite internet browser Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox all have search functions enabled. All you have to do is:. Alternatively, access the Find function in the menu bar.

PDF documents are one of the most commonly used files today. However, it's much easier to find the text you're looking for in a Word document because by default Windows searches indexes for all of the text inside a Word document, thus making it easier to search all documents quickly. PDF text is not indexed by Windows so if you need to find particular text you may be manually opening each file to perform a search. This can become tedious if you need to search through several PDF files. If you need to scan through several files, use the Advanced PDF features.

Are you looking for a way to search for text in PDF files? UltraFinder is the ultimate PDF files search tool. UltraFinder parses the text of PDF files, ignoring embedded graphics and objects, providing you a list of PDF files matching your search text including the matches themselves! You can even specify one or more specific PDF files to be searched! PDF" into the address bar and press enter, or click the file icon to browse to and select the PDF file you wish to add.

Searching PDFs

How to Search for Text Inside Multiple PDF Files at Once


How To Search for Text in Multiple PDF Files at the Same Time




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