Westclox wind up alarm clock

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History of Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben Alarm Clocks and Related Clocks

westclox wind up alarm clock

Westclox 15396 Classic Twin Bell Wind Up Alarm Clock

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Vintage Alarm Clock sales on the web since F requently A sked Q uestions. Most other manufacturers moved their plant overseas by the s. Westclox was the last holdout. The majority of our restored clocks were made in the US, and we can sometimes offer new-old-stock clocks when we can find them and they are serviceable.

Metal case, antique bronze finish. Luminous hour and minute hands. Bell alarm. Protective glass lens. All metal construction with a 2-jewelled movement Spring wound mechanical brass movement, made in Europe. Mechanism features solid brass plates, …. The Alarm Clock that will get you up - No matter what!

The Big Ben alarm clock was first sold in and has evolved through many case and movement changes. The Baby Ben was first sold in and has evolved in a similar way. The pictures below show the 10 "mainstream" case styles of Big and Baby Bens and when they were made. To identify a Big Ben or Baby Ben, find out which case style it matches. Pay attention to the shape of the case and not the color your clock might have a different case or dial color. Most of the styles 1 - 10 are windup clocks, but some electric clocks were made in styles 5, 7, and 8. The style 10 is made in China.

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Westclox windup alarm clock

I am hard-of-hearing and was not awakened by the buzz of my electric clock. This clock keeps good time and is loud enough to wake me up in the morning. I have a hard time getting up in the mornings and this clock is perfect.



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