How long does a hard hat last uk

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Hard hat Life Expectancy

how long does a hard hat last uk

Find out how to check the expiry date on hard hats, what stamps to look for, So, how long can you expect your hard hat to last from purchase?.

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In fact, another 66, injuries are estimated to go unreported every year. Wearing a hard hat is not only about practicing good health and safety but it is about protecting yourself from harm as well. The risk of a head injury occurring on a construction site is a lot higher than many other industries hence why there is such an emphasis on wearing hard hats. Working in construction is a high risk job and accidents do happen even on sites that have a stellar health and safety record. Under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations , employers have to provide workers with a hard hat and it also ensures employees are required to wear a hard hat on site where there is a risk of head injuries.

This article gives a brief overview of the principal features, legislation and guidelines surrounding its maintenance and use. Even with the best intentions, the fact remains that construction work is a high risk activity and accidents can occasionally happen. Head injuries can come from falling objects; striking fixed objects, such as unprotected ends of scaffolding poles or other projections; or from restricted headroom. Wearing a hard hat can prevent, or at least reduce the severity of, a head injury. They can also incorporate a number of additional features, including:. Hard hats have been around for years, but it was only relatively recently that their use became compulsory under certain circumstances.

You might not eat them, but like food, hard hats have an expiry date. But where do you find the expiration date on your hard hat, and why does it matter? Every hard hat has an expiry date also known as a maximum lifespan. You might think that this would be marked on the hard hat, like a use-by or sell-by date, but it's not. To check the expiry date, you first need to find out when the hard hat was manufactured. It's this manufactured date that will be stamped onto the hard hat, usually below the brim, simply flip your hard hat over and take a look on the inside.

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How To Check Your Hard Hat Expiry Date

Click to show them., If the hard hat has sustained an impact, dispose of it immediately, even if the damage is not visible.




Is your hard hat within its expiration date? We have found an interesting discussion regarding the manufacturing / expiry date of hardhats on the HSE website.
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