Why does cyclops live alone in a cave

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Why does cyclops live alone in a cave

why does cyclops live alone in a cave

In the story, it tells us that even though many Cyclopes live on the island, they don't have a community. They do not get together. The live.


We bring you one of the most exciting stories from Homer's Odyssey with our version of 'In the Cyclops Cave'. Warning: It's a rather scary story, as it is all about a giant who likes nothing better than to eat people. Odysseus, the craftiest man alive, is sailing home from the Trojan War. He and his men go ashore and find a cave with sheep, goats and cheese. They make themselves comfortable, only to find that the cave belongs to a one-eyed giant. You can find our other Greek Myths, including the earlier Trojan stories, here. After the Greeks destroyed the fabulous city of Troy, they sailed home in their black ships, but not all of them received a warm welcome by any means.

The name "Cyclops" comes from words meaning "wheel-eyed", because each of them was big enough that his eye was as big as a wagon wheel. Some Cyclops were responsible for making the thunderbolts used by Zeus as his favorite weapon, but the one you see here wasn't one of those. This is Polyphemus, most famous of the Cyclops, a race of wild monsters.. A son of Poseidon, god of the sea, Polyphemus had a herd of giant sheep he tended in a remote part of Sicily, where he lived. The great Odysseus landed his ship there, and sought shelter in a cave which they did no know was Polyphemus's home until they became trapped in there with him when he rolled a huge boulder in front of the door. Polyphemus caught two of Odysseus's men and ate them raw before going to sleep, and in the morning, ate two more for breakfast, before leaving with his sheep and rolling the boulder in front of the cave, trapping the men inside again.

The Odyssey

In Hesiod 's Theogony , they are the brothers: Brontes, Steropes, and Arges , who provided Zeus with his weapon the thunderbolt. In Homer 's Odyssey , they are an uncivillized group of shepherds, the brethren of Polyphemus encountered by Odysseus.

Why does cyclops live alone in cave?

After capturing Odysseus and several of his men, Polyphemus held them to capture in a cave, along with the cyclops' sheep and goats. He sealed the cave shut with a massive stone. During the ordeal, Polyphemus killed and ate six of the sailors. On the second day, Odysseus made the cyclops drunk, claiming his name was "Nobody", before five men drove a small sharpened stake into Polyphemus' only eye, blinding him. The cyclops called for help and other cyclops came to his aid; but when he said "Nobody" had hurt him, the cyclops took it to mean that no body had hurt him, so they left him alone. The next day, when Polyphemus rolled away the stone to let out his flock, Odysseus and his men clung to the fur of the flocks underbelly. Checking the animals backs with his hands, Polyphemus did not find the men.

By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. You can refuse to use cookies by setting the necessary parameters in your browser. - The Hypereian Kyklopes were closely related to the Gigantes and Phaiakians Phaeacians both of which were born from the blood of the castrated Ouranos Uranus spilt upon the earth. The first of these giants, in both strength and stature, was Polyphemos.

In a cave on an island. In the cyclops cave. The Cyclops was herding his sheep and cattle when Odysseus first enter the cave. Odysseus and 6 of his 12 men escape from the cyclops Polyphemus' cave. The cyclops Polyphemus has Odysseus and his men trapped in a cave. There is a large stone covering the entrance to the cave that is too big for Odysseus and his men to move. If he kills the cyclops, they will not be able to get out of the cave.


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