Walmart battery warranty without receipt

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walmart battery warranty without receipt

Walmart offers a limited warranty on all new in-house car batteries, that If your ValuePower or EverStartPlus battery one day no longer works and If you don't have the receipt, there's usually a punch-out date on the battery.

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Walmart sells car batteries with no intention of honoring their warranties, a class action lawsuit alleges. He says the in-store advertisement for the battery mentioned that it came with a total five-year warranty, covering a three-year replacement period and a two-year pro rata period. He says he asked Walmart to replace the battery according to the terms of the warranty. Apparently, he wrote a bad check to a Walmart in Colorado in or so the defendant claimed. But Maestas says his name should not have been in that database anyway because he never could have written the bad check in Colorado. During , the plaintiff says he was serving in the U. Army and stationed in Kansas.

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This article is all about the Walmart car battery return policy and exchange policy. In addition to the sale of Walmart-specific automotive batteries, most Walmart locations offer free testing and free installation of batteries. These batteries are exclusive to Walmart and cannot be purchased elsewhere. The warranty is listed on the individual battery and the Walmart website. Learn more about the Walmart battery return policy on the Walmart Battery Center page. Can you return a car battery?

The Walmart Car Battery Return Policy, Exchange Policy

On this page, we interview managers, and document our purchases., Since it is now November , I've had this battery for 1 year and 9 months.

Walmart EverStart Car Battery Warranty Details & History




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  1. What does the Walmart car battery warranty entail? If it's not a battery sold at Walmart, you have no receipt and they cannot determine how.

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