Kennedy half dollars worth money

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1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Sells for Record $108,000 at Heritage Auctions Event

kennedy half dollars worth money

Find out how much your Kennedy half dollar is worth with this listing of coin values and prices for Kennedy half dollars minted from to today.

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While the Kennedy half dollar was made for commerce purposes until , the series didn't circulate widely after the mids, by which point millions of Americans were saving the coin as mementos of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated on November 22, and is memorialized on the coin. Over the course of the series, which spans more than five decades to date, several special issues and varieties have been released that are of particular interest to collectors. Even though they haven't widely circulated in more than 35 years, Kennedy half dollars are enduring coins in the American numismatic landscape. Therefore, the eight issues mentioned in this article, not to mention the remainder of the Kennedy half dollar series, are certain to be among the most sought-after United States coins for years to come. Twitter Facebook. Blog Forum Community Secure Login.

The D Kennedy Half Dollar was the last of the silver-clad half dollar struck in quantity for circulation. By contrast, ,, D Kennedy half dollars were struck. By , the Kennedy half dollar as a symbol of public memorialization of the fallen president continued to be as popular as ever. Scores of commemorative coins were struck by Mints around the world to mark the achievement, but the American half dollar stood as the single most important one. While the Philadelphia Mint did not join the Denver Mint in the production of business strike Kennedy half dollars in , the San Francisco Mint did produce Proof versions.

Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. The nation was in mourning after the assassination of this popular president. Congress moved quickly to pass a law Public Law to eliminate the Franklin half dollar design and create a coin to commemorate President John F. Gilroy Roberts created the portrait of Kennedy on the obverse and Frank Gasparro sculpted the heraldic eagle on the reverse based upon the Great Seal of the United States. The coin has a diameter of

Kennedy Half DollarsSilver - Front Kennedy Half DollarsSilver - Back Kennedy Kennedy Half DollarsBicentennial (Dated ) - Front Kennedy Half.
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John F. The nostalgia of the Camelot legacy surrounding Kennedy and his photogenic first family remains on the hearts and minds of Americans today. It also helps fuel the market for Kennedy half dollars which, 55 years since the issuance of the first strikes in , remain a top collectible. The love affair Americans still have with Kennedy and the period of sociocultural history he represents is perhaps a major reason why even non -numismatists gravitate toward the Kennedy half dollar. Coin dealers cumulatively report selling millions of Kennedy half dollars each year. The last time a Kennedy half dollar was struck for circulation was

Coins held Thursday, April 25, , by Heritage Auctions. The rare example of the rather common piece of pocket change is one of about a dozen special issues struck in 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper for special coin sets issued by the U. Mint during the mids. Both the seller and the winning bidder wish to remain anonymous at this time. Special mint set coins are characterized by a better-than-average strike, the result of higher-tonnage coin presses than those used for coins intended for general circulation. The example sold at auction on Thursday is valued for its rarity as well as its unique, satiny surface condition.

United States 1969-D Kennedy Half Dollar

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Kennedy/JFK Half Dollar

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Kennedy in The original obverse was designed by U. If you are thinking of starting a collection of Kennedy half dollars, then you may have many questions. The original Kennedy half dollar was made of. In , the government made half dollars of.





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