World war ii movies on youtube

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The 10 greatest second world war films you haven't seen

world war ii movies on youtube

World War II Movies. arrinna77; 30 videos; , views; Last updated on Oct 2, WWII*** Spy Thrillers and Action- Dramas. Play all. Share. Loading.

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The top of the top—our No. Is it any surprise that it comes from Stanley Kubrick? So much of the director's filmography was devoted to depicting military folly and believe us, we toyed with including Barry Lyndon , too. Elevating Paths of Glory above the fray—and above every other title—was not its brutal scenes of WWI trench warfare but its scalpel-scarp indictment of the pride that comes with battle. Kirk Douglas's lawyer-colonel is tasked with mounting a courtroom defense of three innocent soldiers who just happened to be part of a losing skirmish. Based on a real-life episode of French soldiers executed for "cowardice," Kubrick's movie so angered France's government that it couldn't be screened publicly there until The film's lesson is universal and timeless, though: If warfare turns us into monsters even off the battlefield, then we have no purpose waging it.

From the miracle at Dunkirk to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Stalingrad to the liberation of Auschwitz, no single event can tell the complete story of World War II: a global conflict so catastrophic that it claimed the lives of more than 50 million people. And no single film, whether it be an action flick, a spy thriller, a romance, or a docudrama, can convey the full scope of what it was like to experience the war firsthand. But for those of us looking back in awe and astonishment, these 12 films transform history into living, breathing art. A magnificent blend of romance, intrigue, comedy, and wartime adventure, Casablanca premiered in November , a few weeks after the Allies invaded North Africa. Related: 1 1 History Documentaries Streaming Now.

The 50 best war movies of all time

List of World War II short films

N o recent historical cataclysm has eclipsed the magnitude of the second world war. And thank God for that: the war was horrible! Its aftershocks are still felt in many current conflicts. OK, technically the bulk of this movie is set directly after war is over. A close-knit group of Japanese soldiers fighting in Burma surrender to the British when armistice is declared. When a platoon of Japanese holdouts atop a mountain continue fighting, Pte Mizushima, something of a mascot, volunteers to convince them to put down their weapons.


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