Why can t you use the same lancet twice

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Are People Here Still Using The Same Lancet More Than Once?

why can t you use the same lancet twice

How to Use a Spring-Loaded Lancet (for Blood Typing)

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How Often Should I change my Lancet? Type 1 diabetics love to make jokes about their lancet change.. Some diabetics change it with each prick, some once a day, some once a week and others once every three months. To be completely honest I often loose track of when the last time I changed mine was. But all jokes aside, how often should we really be changing our lancet to stay in the safe zone? Lancet manufacturing companies recommend to change the lancet with each use.

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She shares what is recommended, and what actually happens in real life. Here is what she had to say:. There is no evidence that you can get an infection from reusing your own lancet. The sharpness of the lancet will certainly diminish, which can cause it to hurt more; think about cutting a steak with a spoon. Want more type 1 diabetes-related news stories, and the chance to help type 1 diabetes research? All ten fingers are fair game.

Here are a few tips to make needles easier and safer to use. Most of us know someone who is completely terrified of blood or needles. For someone living with diabetes, this type of fear can be a serious obstacle in managing and taking control of the disease. Indeed, to draw blood and check blood-sugar levels, the person must use a device called a blood glucose meter to poke the fingertip, ideally at least once a day. In addition, some diabetic patients must include daily injections of insulin to their treatment, which also requires the use of needles. These days, needles that are used to draw blood from the fingertip, as well as those used for injecting insulin, are so fine and short that you barely feel a pinch, and sometimes even nothing at all.

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is there any reason I can't reuse a lancet?

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The right way to draw blood and use needles

The needle is extremely small and thin and when it punctures the skin it gets damaged. This damage can make it painful to use more than once. The needle may look clean but it is now covered in microscopic bacteria and maybe even viruses. You can wipe it off but remember the needle is damaged and now storing bacteria in its microscopic cracks. Using it again now puts you at risk of bacterial infection. Remember you are sticking this into your blood supply so you are giving the bacteria a free ride to your capillaries and tissues. Bacterial infections can rapidly turn into dangerous situations especially in people not in optimal health people with diabetes.

Some people prefer to change their lancets with each use, some prefer a daily, weekly or monthly swap, and some go even longer. The technical answer, according to manufacturers and most healthcare providers, is to change your lancet with each use. This is a precautionary recommendation meant to guard against painful fingersticks, changes in the skin, and infection. However, home glucose testing has come a long way from when it first became available in the s. Nowadays, meters require much smaller blood samples, lancing devices deliver shallower pokes, and we have better lancets. While it's true that any needle used multiple times will become dull and require more force, many people do not notice a major difference after using the same lancet for multiple pokes.

Can I Use The Lancet More Than Once?

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