Ideal hose clamp size chart

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ideal hose clamp size chart

Select the Ideal-Tridon part number by series and size listed in the tables . SmartSeal and WaveSeal hybrid smart clamps secure hose connections and prevent unwanted flow .. For material composition please see chart on right.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Paint And Paint Supplies. Material: Stainless Steel. Product Type: Hose Clamp.

Clamp Profit Centers Wing Stacks SmartSeal Profit Center Piece Clamp Profit Center Piece Marine Profit Center Clamp Safety Caps 25 Piece.
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By rolling the edges and removing perforations and ribs on the inside portion of the embossed hose band, the PYI Hose Clamp can be used on the softest hoses without worry of damage to the underlying hose surface during installation and throughout its use. The PYI Hose Clamp utilizes a durable double locked screw cage design that is machined from a single piece of L stainless steel which is capable of withstanding high tightening torque and internal hose pressure. Our Hose Clamps can be hand tightened up to PYI Hose Clamps are manufactured entirely out of L Stainless Steel giving them excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals and acids that could limit the life of other metals. Whether used industrially or around the house, the PYI Hose Clamp will keep your hose secure in some of the harshest environments.

What's the best way to determine the clamp size you'll need? Simply measure the outside diameter of your hose with the fitting installed. Some clamps accommodate a range of sizes, so be sure the size you need falls in the middle of that range. A raised safety collar around the head of the screw prevents your screwdriver from slipping and damaging the hose or tube. A thumb screw instead of a slotted screw allows you to install these clamps without any tools. Here's everything you need to make your own 3" diameter and larger custom-length worm-drive clamps. Clamps have a slotted hex-head screw that flips up to release the band for quick opening.

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Breeze Constant Torque CT style hose clamps feature a series of special washers that allow the clamp diameter to expand and contract slightly with changes in pressure. - There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content.

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