Nation of islam and scientology

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Nation of Islam

nation of islam and scientology

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #171: Scientology and the Nation of Islam - An Unholy Alliance

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I discuss what I learned in looking into this, including the real history of the NOI, its racist nature and undeniable fact it is a destructive cult. A new episode about every 6 days averaging 71 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

View this post on Instagram Very excited about the good news in Ireland!!!!! My great grandparents were from Cork!!! Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad attended a launch in London heralding the opening of the new centre in Dublin. At the event, he posed for photographs with senior Scientologist Jim Mathers. They are also standing in front of a green sign which reads: Launching Scientology in Ireland. It is a group which promotes black nationalism in the name of Islam.

They throw it at Leah Remini and Mike Rinder and so many others. In December, we brought you this video of Muhammad saying that Jews control entertainment and pornography…. My son is in the entertainment business. They control the banking. They control the athletics.

For about a year, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan has been telling his followers to embrace Scientology in order to move closer to perfection in preparation for the end times. Although both the Nation of Islam and Scientology embrace extraterrestrial theories as well as self-improvement programs aimed at lifting members to higher and higher levels, they nevertheless make for extremely surprising partners. In a March press conference, he predicted that the world as we know it would soon be destroyed. In NOI theology, the Mother Wheel is an artificial planet, or huge spaceship, where the saved will live while smaller, divinely guided spaceships destroy everything left on Earth — typically described as including all white people, although NOI has sometimes suggested that a few whites might be saved. In a Feb. Christians can accept it and be better Christians.

Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology

Scientology and the Nation of Islam: A Heartwarming Independence Weekend Parable

Fard Muhammad on July 4, In , the core membership was estimated to be between 20, and 50, Fard disappeared in June His successor Elijah Muhammad established places of worship called temples or mosques , a school named Muhammad University of Islam , farms, and real estate holdings in the United States and abroad. There were a number of splits and splinter groups during Elijah Muhammad's leadership, most notably the departure of senior leader Malcolm X to become a Sunni Muslim.

The bizarre relationship between scientology and the Nation of Islam is getting stranger by the day. Miscavige had better be careful. Sooner or later Louis is going to figure out that his kingdom is being usurped and the recriminations will begin. I predict this is going to get very ugly. Late to the party, I suppose but still wanted to add my 2 cents. Considering LRH was very vocal in his disbelief of Jesus and the tenets of the Christian religion, there is zero reason to think he fwlt any different about Mohammed and the teaching of Islam. The part that all of you weirdos miss is that the religion of Islam, as with all religions, is designed to put people on the path of personal development and self-improvement.

On a cool, clear evening in mid-September, the Church of Scientology held a grand opening for its new national affairs office in Washington, D. Located in a handsome, year-old mansion in Dupont Circle—a genteel neighborhood populated with embassies and well-appointed homes—the office had been established to lobby on various Scientology pet causes, such as religious freedom, prisoner rehabilitation, and the evils of psychiatric drugs. Miscavige is 52 but looks at least a decade younger. But who the Church courts and who the Church converts is a very different matter. For a long time, the Church of Scientology has had the reputation of an impenetrable, invincible cult.

Of course, having our great freedoms of conscience and speech means that some folks are going to do some pretty freaky things with their time, money, and independence! Ron Hubbard., The Underground Bunker recently received a notice from YouTube that one of our videos has been taken down without recourse.


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  1. Scientology whistleblower Leah Remini pulls back the curtain on the bizarre merger between Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam and.

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