Moon and mars august 27 2018

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Let This Stunning Full Moon Photo from Space Inspire You to Look Up Tonight

moon and mars august 27 2018

Our solar system's moon and Mars will not appear to be the same size on Aug. 27 , It would be the most spectacular thing ever if the.


It's nonsense. Mars is never close enough to Earth to appear as large as the full moon. NASA says it won't be that close again until the year However, there are recurring close approaches about every 26 months, so the late August date won't be valid for most close approaches in your lifetime. During the Mars close approach on July 31, , it appears larger than it did on the May 30, , close approach. But with your naked eye, Mars won't look much larger than normal.

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Every year around this time, an email circulates across the Internet speculating that on August 27th, Mars will look as big as the Moon in the sky. And every year, I go ahead and debunk it. This strange hoax first surfaced on the Internet back in An email made the rounds with the following text:. The Red Planet is about to be spectacular! This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history. The next time Mars may come this close is in

Mars As Big As The Moon On August 27: Keep Dreaming.

Were There Two Moons in the Sky on August 27?

It's not true this year, it wasn't true when the hoax began circulating in and it will never be true in years to come. Our solar system's moon and Mars will not appear to be the same size on Aug. It would be the most spectacular thing ever if the memes littering your Facebook newsfeed had a grain of truth, but it's just not in the cosmos. Actually there is a grain of truth in the pervasive urban legend, albeit a tiny, space dust-sized fact. Mars brushed exceptionally close to Earth last month, from around July 7, when the red orb bumped Jupiter as the brightest planet in the sky, through the July 27 opposition and on July 31, when it reached its closest point to Earth.

And astronaut Alexander Gerst makes a pretty compelling case for getting outside and looking up, with a photo he took from his current home on the International Space Station and shared on Twitter on Saturday Aug. The planet remains quite a sight, less than a month after it was at opposition and made its closest approach to Earth. Mars will continue to shine brighter than any stars into late September; right now, it still even outshines Jupiter. The image shows a brilliant full moon gleaming over a dreamy view of Earth's atmosphere — and in the upper right corner, there's a tiny pinprick of light, all that the photograph can capture of Mars. This month's full moon peaked early in the morning of Sunday Aug.

The Mars hoax was a hoax circulated by e-mail that began in , that claimed that Mars would look as large as the full Moon to the naked eye on August 27, The hoax has since resurfaced each time before Mars is at its closest to Earth, about every 22 months. It began from a misinterpretation and exaggeration of a sentence in an e-mail message that reported the close approach between Mars and the Earth in August At that time, the distance between the two planets was about 55,, kilometers , which was the closest distance between them since September 24, 57, BC , when the distance has been calculated to have been about 55,, kilometers. Both Earth and Mars are in elliptical orbits around the Sun in approximately the same plane.

Is it true? This image — or one like it — sometimes circulates on Facebook, with the claim that Mars will appear as big and bright as a full moon.

Here's the only thing you need to know about Mars being 'the same size' as the moon on August 27

This is your yearly reminder: Mars will not be as big as the moon on August 27, — or any other year, for that matter. But it's not the first time that this hoax has grabbed people's attention. Last year, I almost fell for this post that a Facebook friend shared:. Facebook screenshot. In this post were two photos showing Mars to be similar in size to the moon — though anyone with an eye for detail can tell that the photo is a fake.



The moon and Mars shine in a stunning photo that astronaut Alexander The Aug. 25, , full moon sets over Qolsarif mosque in Russia.
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  1. No. Mars won't be as big as the moon on August 27, or ever. Will Mars and the moon will appear the same size on August 27, ?.

  2. This is your yearly reminder: Mars will not be as big as the moon on August 27, — or any other year, for that matter. The classic internet.

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