Emma bold and the beautiful

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What Happened to Emma on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

emma bold and the beautiful

Justice For Emma - Thomas Proved Not Guilty - Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers


Emma, along with Simon , became the two newest interns at Forrester Creations on April 23, She is brought on to work on the relaunching of the Hope For The Future campaign. Emma overheard a discussion between Zoe and Xander regarding the secret. Emma was floored by this information, and after chastising Zoe and Xander for holding it, proceeded to search for Hope, with the intent of telling her about it. After being told about what Emma has heard, Thomas also rushed to find Hope. He asked Pam, who told him that not only did she believe she was in the CEO Office, but that Emma also was searching for her.

Now I will admit I thought Xander might be the character to bite the dust, after he learned about the Beth bombshell. I mean he has been more a focal point of the story in recent weeks and his demise would have really kicked the narrative off in a big way. Emma was livid and read the riot act to her former flame his new flame. Emma was livid and I was rooting for it because at long last, we got some traction and the thought of Hope learning the truth would come to light. Zoe flipping out at the prospect of going to jail and wanting to protect her father, immediately called Thomas and informed him of the news. Thomas was enraged and has not been acting like himself lately, which Brooke immediately sensed earlier in the week.

Pam Reveals Thomas Argued With Emma Before She Died



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