Difference between lego mindstorms ev3 home and education

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Mindstorms EV3: Home or Education?

difference between lego mindstorms ev3 home and education

This article covers the difference between the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition and LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 products.

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We have home users children and hobbyists and educational users students and teachers. LEGO has designed a base set for each group, as well as several add on sets. This article aims to clarify the differences between the two product lines so you can decide which product works best for you. The facts and figures on this page may help you decide which set works best for you in terms of hardware and software, but there are other criteria as well. Which set is the most fun? See this article for some additional considerations. It is often referred to as the Home Edition or Retail Edition.

We were already won over by its previous version, the Lego Mindstorms NXT , but this latest version is just packed with bricks , sensors and motors all waiting to be transformed into robots! The Retail Edition includes 2 large servo motors and 1 medium servo. The Education version has the same number of servos , i. These robots have an educational dimension robotic arm, colours sorter, gyro robot. You can also make up for the Lego Technic type pieces that are missing from your kit by purchasing the Expansion Set , which includes more than additional pieces enabling you to create impressive models, like an elephant! We strongly recommend that you do this before purchasing your kit, to make sure all your hardware and operating systems meet the minimum system requirements. For the Retail Edition , the software is available for free download from the Lego website.

LEGO Mindstorms is a well-seasoned series of tools for learning robotics. However, prototypes of the key element of every set programmable brick were being developed even earlier, in He also introduced constructivism into the world of education learning by creating and designed the very first educational programming language, Logo. As you can see, the overall success of the Mindstorms series is founded on many years of research and development. Interestingly, the principle behind the sets never changed.

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While the kits have an large overlap in the number of pieces, the robots you build with them are considerably different. EV3 Education Core Robots:. RobotSquare has a great article going into exquisite detail on how the sets compare and how do they differ. Their article on which set to buy has been a source of great inspiration in my choice too. After very careful consideration, I have decided to purchase the Education Core set and its Expansion set as well.

What are the Differences between the Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 kit and the EV3 Home Edition?




Which Mindstorms EV3 set best to buy 45544 or 31313 ?



What are the differences between the two? LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education Core Set is contained in a handy, wide box made from durable.
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