The warrior and the wolf

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The Warrior and the Wolf (Lang Zai Ji)

the warrior and the wolf

Action Chinese Movies 2016 /The Warrior and the Wolf Full English Subtitles

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This site uses cookies. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Angrily asserting that men are no better than ferocious beasts, doomed to fall prey eventually to their own victims, celebrated Chinese Fifth Generation director Tian Zhuangzhuang launches into a series of metaphors leading to other metaphors and flashbacks within flashbacks with the Warrior and the Wolf , set in ancient times as the Chinese Empire takes on the rebellions tribes at its borders. Tian is asking even his most faithful followers to work hard here to unravel the unwieldy knots of his story, based on a short piece by Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue but expanded with numerous brutal battles sequences and several torrid sex scenes. Divided into three chapters, The Warrior and The Wolf takes place in an unspecified dynasty, allowing the art department free artistic rein with sets and costumes and giving the director liberty to claim that his allegory does not necessarily refer to the past alone.

Teaming Japanese star Joe Odagiri with Hawaii-born babe Maggie Q in her first attempt at a nondecorative role , this tale of a soldier who falls for a cursed tribal woman has baffled Chinese auds since its Oct. The result is a woolly fable of bewitchment, punctuated by gritty action and some great scenery pic was lensed around the Balikun Kazakh Autonomous Region of Xinjiang province that makes a punchy trailer but bellyflops as a movie. Zhang comes across a shepherd, Lu Chenkang Odagiri , whom he tries to inculcate with his military philosophy, and to whom he gives charge of a young tribal prince the army has captured. When Zhang is captured by a tribe a sequence never shown onscreen Lu exchanges him for the prince, causing Zhang much shame. Zhang is carted back home, Lu takes over command, and the army spends the winter in a deserted village of the Harran tribe, where Lu discovers a frightened widow Q hiding underground.

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Lang zai ji (The Warrior and the Wolf)

It tells the story of the battle between two ancient warriors. It is Tian's latest directorial effort since 's The Go Master.

The Warrior and the Wolf





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