Natsu and lucy fanfiction pregnant

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nalu pregnancy

natsu and lucy fanfiction pregnant

Lucy’s Child - Episode1: Lucy Leaves [Fairy Tail Series]

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Lucy yawned as she sat at her desk, so tempted to go to sleep. Although Natsu had urged her not to wait up, Lucy wanted to anyways. Happy was already sleeping. Natsu had demanded Lucy have someone with her while he was gone on jobs, putting up with Gray mostly to be his temporary mission partner while Lucy and Happy were unavailable. Someone fast like Happy that would be able to quickly go get someone more qualified to help Lucy if something serious happened to her or Layla. Lucy sighed as she rubbed her eyes again. It was getting so late, and she was so tired.

I couldn't get this idea out of my head!
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What's wrong? Did someone eat the last cupcake in the guild hall? Happy and Natsu exchanged a look. White wings appeared on the blue cat's back and he floated up around Lucy's head as Natsu slid in close, arms crossed over his chest. Lucy glared at both of them before letting out a deep sigh, "Okay… fine.

Hey guys violet here, to say the least it's been a long time since I last wrote a fic and this time it's a fairy tail NALU fic yay. Lucy just sat there on her bed, staring at the object in her hands which were shaking lightly. The twenty-two year old blonde honestly didn't know what to think. Sure, she has been married to Natsu for around seven months now, and yea the topic has been tossed around in conversation at the guild every now and again, but she had never expected this to happen so suddenly or so soon. But the little stick with a pink plus sign in her hands had confirmed it. She Lucy Dragneel was pregnant.

I am not awesome enough to own Fairy Tail! My arcs and plots would be nothing but shipping and would have nothing to do with the original story , so don't credit me for it! Lucy stared at Natsu with a burning feeling in her chest. She wanted to believe it was anger, seeing as earlier this morning he burned her refrigerator telling her it was the most effective was to cook all the food in it, but she knew it wasn't. It was jealously that raged in the young heroine, because he asked Lisanna to come on a job with him instead of her. Mirajane, knowing it was a love sickness that plagued Lucy, hatched a plan.

Natsu stood impatiently by the bathroom door, listening to the sounds of his girlfriend vomiting into the toilet. He wanted to be in there with her, rubbing her back or doing something to comfort her, but she wouldn't let him. She'd been throwing up at random intervals for the past week and a half, and he was starting to get a little worried. She'd told him it was just a virus that's been going around, most likely the stomach flu, but still. And what was with her not letting him in when she was throwing up?

Another one shot? I have other stuff I should be working on like Smiling Melodies.. This was something I came up with after finding out I'm gonna be a aunt I'm so excited! How Natsu gets upset when they call him stupid, so this is how I think it would happen with a baby involved :. Lucy stared down at her sleeping husband, his chest rising and falling to the melody of his heart beat. A sound she cherished. I was having a good dream.

Natsu and Lucy, after only going out for 6 months, are about to have the adventure of a lifetime. This adventure will be harder than any mission they've ever had and any villain they've ever faced. What is this adventure you ask? Well, this mage couple is entering the wonderful world of parenting! It was a bright sunny morning on the day of reckoning. Lucy Heartfilia was pacing through her bedroom mumbling, groaning and every now and then, retching and holding her stomach in pain.






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