Sc state sales and use tax return form st 3

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South Carolina

sc state sales and use tax return form st 3

Total Taxes Due (From Column B, line 2, page 5 of 6 of form ST). File Electronically at TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (Add lines 8 and 9).

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File Online Today. Hopefully you don't need to worry about this chapter because you're getting your South Carolina sales tax filing and remittance done on time and submitted without incident. However, in the real world, mistakes happen. In this chapter, we'll talk about how to avoid costly penalties and fines if you've missed your assigned filing deadline. The first thing to do is get your return filed. This is definitely one of those situations where things are "better late than never. It's always best to get your filing done and deal with any penalties and interest payments later.

South Carolina businesses must regularly file a state sales and use tax return with the Department of Revenue. This form ST-3 can be found on the website of the state's Department of Revenue. The form should be filed electronically. South Carolina State Sales And Use Tax Return ST-3 Step 1: At the top of the form, if you are filing a return concerning a business which has ceased operation, enter the date of closing and submit the form along with your license. On the right, enter your retail license or use tax registration number. Enter your name, address, and Social Security or Federal Employer Identification number below where indicated. At the top of the page, enter your retail license or use tax registration number and the month and year of the end of the period for which you are filing.

How to File a South Carolina Sales Tax Return

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South Carolina is a destination-based state sales are taxed where the buyer is located. Local rates by county can be found here. For a fast and accurate sales tax rate lookup by zip code, use our up-to-date calculator below. Business activities that establish a tax presence in the state include:. Find more information about nexus in South Carolina. Sales and Use Tax accounts are set up with a monthly filing frequency.


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