Difference between porch and patio

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What is the Difference Between a Patio and a Porch?

difference between porch and patio

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There is nothing like spending a quiet summer evening outside watching the sun slowly set or entertaining a group of friends. Outdoor living spaces are very popular and in order to take full advantage of your property, you want to consider a dedicated space which can accommodate seating, dining, and even cooking. Two popular choices are porches and patios. A porch is physically attached to the exterior of your home, whereas a patio is usually detached from your home and built into the ground. In the sections below, we will explain the important differences between each one. Porches are usually intended for casual entertaining or relaxation and are built into the architecture of your home, meaning they are part of its overall design.

Learn something new every day More Info The main differences between a patio and a porch are the area of a home in which they are built, their elevation, and the materials with which they are constructed. They are generally designed for similar purposes, and each can be about the same size and shape. They are each usually placed at opposite ends of the home, although this is not always the case. One of the primary differences between a patio and a porch is that a porch is usually placed directly in the front of the house and it connects to the front door. A patio is typically located in the back of a house and may be connected to the back door or not, depending on the home's design.

Let's see: both patios and porches are paved, outdoor living spaces with outdoor furniture. They both can be in the front or backyards of a house, and both can be covered with an overhead roof. Porches can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome, like the Acropolis in Athens; specifically, the Erechtheum—a temple with the Porch of the Maidens—along with the stoa , a classroom, and courtroom. In West Africa, porch-like spaces were evident on "shotgun" houses. The American front porch appeared by the early s, and years later became a fixture of American architecture. Some of the first porches in the United States were built by immigrants and slaves from Africa.

When it comes to the areas just outside of the home, many terms are thrown around interchangeably. Are there true differences between these spaces where we relax and entertain outside? What is a porch?
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Having a pleasant, well-designed outdoor haven is a for all homes and all seasons. Some of us have porches, others decks, balconies, a front patio, backyard porch or veranda. While most people tend to interchange these terms and to believe they all have the same meaning , each of them has its own features and specifications. That is exactly what this article is trying to explain. We often hear people share stories of sitting on the porch at the end of a long day. But what is a porch?

What's the Difference Between a Patio and a Porch?

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