The linear equation when b 5 and m 2 is

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Writing slope-intercept equations

the linear equation when b 5 and m 2 is

How do we Use the Transpose Method to Solve a Linear Equation?

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Linear Equations A linear equation looks like any other equation. It is made up of two expressions set equal to each other. A linear equation is special because: It has one or two variables. No variable in a linear equation is raised to a power greater than 1 or used as the denominator of a fraction. When you find pairs of values that make the linear equation true and plot those pairs on a coordinate grid, all of the points for any one equation lie on the same line.

There are other ways to write the linear equation of a straight line than the slope-intersect form previously described. We've got a line with the slope 2. One of the points that the line passes through has got the coordinates 3, 5.
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Caroline is a full-time college student planning a spring break vacation. She arranged for direct deposit of her payroll checks. If she can only work 4 hours per day, how many days per week will she have to work? How many weeks will it take? In this section, we will investigate problems like this and others, which generate graphs like the line in Figure. A linear equation is an equation of a straight line, written in one variable.

Many students find this useful because of its simplicity. One can easily describe the characteristics of the straight line even without seeing its graph because the slope and y -intercept can easily be identified or read off from this form. So our next goal is to somehow figure out what the value of b first. Again, the value of y -intercept b is not directly provided to us. But we can utilize the given slope and a point to find it.

write a linear equation given the following data m=3/2 b=4

Graph a linear equation by the x and y intercepts

Writing linear equations using the point-slope form and the standard form

Given the algebraic equation of a line, we are able to graph it in a number of ways. In this section, we will be given a geometric description of a line and be asked to find the algebraic equation. Finding a linear equation is very straightforward if the slope and y -intercept are given. This is certainly not always the case; however, the example demonstrates that the algebraic equation of a line depends on these two pieces of information. If the graph is given, then we can often read it to determine the y -intercept and slope. Example 2: Find the equation of the line given the graph:.

In the slope-intercept form you use the slope of the line and the y-intercept to express the linear function. And once you have your second point you can just draw a line through the two points and extend it in both directions. You can check to see that the line you've drawn is the correct one by substituting the coordinates of the second point into the original equation. If the equation holds true than the second point is correct. You can use other letters than f to name functions.

While there are infinitely-many different literal equations, some kinds are more likely to be important, and sooner, than other. Probably one of the most important classes of literal equations we often need to solve will be linear equations. For whatever reason, there are different formats for simple linear equations. Still others prefer a "standard" form, for which there is no actual standard. But I digress. Converting to Slope-Intercept Form.

The slope-intercept form of a linear equation

Writing the Equation of a Line. Learning Objective s. A linear equation can be expressed in the form. In this equation, x and y are coordinates of a point, m is the slope , and b is the y -coordinate of the y-intercept. Because this equation describes a line in terms of its slope and its y -intercept, this equation is called the slope-intercept form.

Part B: Finding Equations in Slope-Intercept Form. Given the slope and y- intercept, determine the equation of the line. m = 1/2; (0, 5). m = 4; (0, ?1).
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  1. Click here ?? to get an answer to your question ?? The linear equation when b = 5 and m = 2 is.

  2. Linear equations equations whose graphs are a line can be written in multiple formats, but the standard form of a linear equation looks like this:.

  3. Click here ?? to get an answer to your question ?? The linear equation when b = 5 and m = 2 is y = 5x 2. y = 5x + 2. y = 2x 5. y = 2x + 5.

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