Amy grant and bart millard

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10 Things to Know About 'I Can Only Imagine,' the MercyMe Song Made Into a Movie

amy grant and bart millard

Bart Millard and Amy Grant share how a scene from "I Can Only Imagine" helped Bart move forward.

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Amy Grant image from adventuregirl. She owns the face of a fairy, the voice of a cherub, and the persona of an angel. She may not be the one who invented the contemporary Christian Music CCM style of gospel music, but she did the most to popularize it in the s and s. Amy came along in the world of gospel music in the mid-seventies. During this time, inspirational Christian music was a tiny subgenre, its records sold almost exclusively in Christian bookstores.

The I Can Only Imagine true story reveals that Bart's parents divorced when he was just three years old. According to Bart, his mother always said, "I married a teddy bear but went home with a monster" Billboard. Unlike what is seen in the movie, Bart lived with his mother up until the third grade. It was then that his mother chose to move away with her third husband. It was decided that it would be best for Bart and his older brother Stephen to stay with their father, Arthur People. Bart's brother Stephen pictured below is absent from the movie.

But the songócomposed in just a few minutesóis still being played on airways nearly two decades after it was written. Now, a major motion picture is capturing the story behind the hit song. While you can probably hum the chorus of the catchy ballad that inspired the movie, here are 13 facts you might not know about I Can Only Imagine. Having sold more than 2 million digital copies, I Can Only Imagine is the only song in the Christian music genre to ever go double platinum. I Can Only Imagine crossed over to pop and country radio. It peaked at no. Millard says he came up with the song in the middle of the night alone on a bus after a concert.

I Can Only Imagine - Premiere

Amy Grant and Bart Millard talk about Amy's integral role in the success of "I Can Only Imagine."

Scott Brickell MercyMe's manager. Nicole DuPort. Born: May 17, Birthplace : Santa Rosa, California, USA. Amy Grant Born: November 25, Birthplace.
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  1. Inspired by the loss of his father, who was abusive before being diagnosed with cancer and transformed by faith, Millard's song struck a chord.

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