Fun things to do when pregnant and bored

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10 Fun Things to Do When You're Almost Due!

fun things to do when pregnant and bored


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First name. Last name. Before you roll out of any cars or jump out of a flying plane, we here at UrthAve have got you covered with some tame, more pregnancy-safe alternatives. Some food for thought for those late-night hunger twinges. You should never feel more beautiful than when the glow of maternity blesses your presence, so you might as well share it. Get creative with it! Try new things, like dress wraps and breeze wear that contours to a voluptuous figure.

When you're 8 months pregnant or more! We're adding to it -- but don't worry, mama, this list is full of fun things to do before Baby arrives. You're in the home stretch of your pregnancy, mama -- and whether you're feeling a little weepy at the bittersweet realization that the amazing journey is almost over or feeling so over it already , the fact is, there's lots to do when you're 8 months pregnant or more. The good news: A lot of those third-trimester to-dos are fun! Check out our list and have fun crossing everything off Make every beauty appointment you can.

While some women are able to work late into their pregnancy, many find themselves with way too much time on their hands. At first, this is less of a predicament and more of a treat. Amazing, right? Not so fast. For those of you who can do this for 9 months straight- I applaud you.

Let your imagination fly, you can definitely pack some fun into your 9 months of pregnancy! Some fun ideas include: Having a spa day.
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The mundane mediocrity of mechanized existence proves to be dull and boring. This boredom increases manifold times with the stressful condition of pregnancy. Things tend to become even more serious as well as tedious, in case you are kept under constant observation, with someone elderly breathing down your neck. Though boredom may be a part and parcel of pregnancy, particularly in its final trimester, there are ways to blow away the cobwebs without seeking to be far-fetched and risky. Having to grapple with frequent urination, backaches and above all curious glances from onlookers can add to the boredom during pregnancy. Friends and relatives with all their meaningful advice and unasked for suggestion can do more harm than good.

Pregnancy is one of the most magical times in a woman's life, but it definitely comes with some limitations. Certain activities that you've enjoyed in the past may no longer be of interest to you anymore and not only because you can't drink. You are growing another human inside of you, after all. Check out our list of things to do when pregnant that will be fun and exciting for you and hopefully for bebe too. Whatever music you're listening to, your baby is as well.


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  1. Pregnancy is an adventure of 40 weeks. This rollercoaster ride would make you go crazy. I mean it, literally. There are a lot of fun times like.

  2. There are a lot of fun times like baby showers, maternity photo shoots, those first baby kicks, shopping for the new one and much more.

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