Draw a comparison between village school and city school education

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draw the comparison between village school and city school

draw a comparison between village school and city school education

Village school vs city school

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All rights reserved. The Portrait of a Lady. Share with your friends. Priya Thomas answered this. Dear Student, Please find below the solution to the asked query: Khushwant Singh's village school was attached to the temple. The priest taught the students the alphabet and the morning prayer. While the children sat in rows on either side of the verandah singing the alphabet or the prayer in a chorus, his grandmother sat inside reading the scriptures.

The day the grandmother died, thousands of sparrows came and sat silently around the corpse of the grandmother as if they too, had come to mourn the death of the old woman. They did not even eat the breadcrumbs scattered by the authors mother. The grandmother had a divine beauty. How does the author bring this. The author brings out the inner beauty of the grandmother by comparing her to a snow covered winter landscape. This comparison shows her calmness and serenity.

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Since she had omitted to pray the previous night while she was singing songs of homecoming and beating the drum, she was not going to waste any more time. She ignored their protests. She lay peacefully in bed praying and telling beads. There was no chirruping. They took no notice of them.

Spectator Schools - Features. Camilla Swift. But in smaller towns and villages a school, particularly a large one, can play a much greater part in the day-to-day life of its inhabitants. In some towns and villages, the school is even the focal point. Take Peaslake in the Surrey Hills. When a campaign by local residents and parents to keep it open failed and government funding was removed, the Peaslake Schools Trust was formed. In it returned to its previous buildings, and in the school became part of the maintained sector again, as a free school.

The Little Village School


How a village school plays a huge role in the life of the community







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